Earth Friendly Grid Independent Power Systems

TEMECULA, Calif., May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE — International Endeavors Corporation (OTC:IDVV) is pleased to announce that it has unveiled its Canna Power Transportable Microgrid (CPTM). The CPTM is an innovative and effective Earth friendly power choice for any growing application. The CPTM is designed specifically for use with the Off Grid GrowLab (OGGL) and is a completely independent power system.

Using a built-in automatic transfer switch, the system intuitively directs power use to an available power source – choosing between solar, electric, stored energy or generator power.  Each system can choose what power source is most appropriate, with consideration to overall power usage and available power source.

IDVV’s revolutionary new system means that grower site location options become unlimited because there is no need to locate near a utility grid or sign up for expensive grid power.

The CPTM is completely scalable allowing the user to power stack each system in order to accommodate fluctuating power needs. Whether the power needs are for sporadic outdoor lighting or 24-hour indoor grow applications, the CPTM can handle to draw power consistently and effectively.

IDVV’s CPTM system is designed from the ground up to aid in indoor/outdoor off grid growing centers. Units are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and each system is secured in a weather-tight actively cooled enclosure.

Remote monitoring is included in each CPTM and will provide a complete suite of remote power controls and analytics, providing the operator real-time access to each grow center in the field.

CEO Nate Engel comments: “We are thrilled with the market potential for CPTM.  As described, the CPTM has been designed for remote indoor grow centers, however we have discovered that it can also serve as an impactful emergency power center for Fire, EMS and Police Departments, allowing them to deploy instant power remote sites for rapid response team support.  This includes powering computers, radios and other emergency relief equipment. As well, there is use for corporations, real estate owners and the outdoors market utilizing the CPTM as portable backup power for remote buildings, cabins and campgrounds.”

Andrew Read states: “This is a true game changer for the grow industry, providing so many opportunities for growers to deploy without infrastructure of any kind. Drill a well and power it from the CPTM and then drop an Off Grid Grow Lab (OGGL) onsite and be up and running in a matter of hours is truly an unbelievable feat!  We are excited to see how people use our new system as we expect to see things we have not thought of as it deploys around the world.”  

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