On Friday, 18 May at 11:00 am, Government Debt Management will conduct an auction of Treasury bonds.

In this auction nominal bonds RIKB 20 0205 will be offered. The total amount of accepted bids will be announced after the auction.

NOTE it is only possible to purchase bonds in RIKB 20 0205 with the sale of RIKB 19 0226, which matures on 26 February 2019. Government Debt Management will purchase RIKB 19 0226 at a pre-determined price – that is, at a clean price of 103.090 (105.151644 with accrued interest per 100 nominal value) – with settlement on 23 May 2018. To clarify, this price is equivalent to 4.50% yield. The value of the bond, together with accrued interest, will constitute payment for the new issued bonds.

Given the size of RIKB 20 0205, investors are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the switch auction and acquire RIKB 20 0205.

The GDM reserves the right to accept all of the submitted bids, accept part of them, or reject all of them. Only primary dealers in Treasury securities are authorised to submit bids in this auction. They also submit bids on behalf of investors. The minimum amount of each bid is 1 m.kr. nominal value.

The auction will be structured as a single-price auction, which means that all accepted bids will be sold to primary dealers at the same price. The lowest accepted price (highest yield) will determine the selling price. In other respects, reference is made to the Terms of Invitation to Tender, which accompany this press release.

The payment and settlement date is Wednesday, 23 May 2018.

For further information please contact Oddgeir Gunnarsson, GDM, at +354 569 9635.