WASHINGTON, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to expand their offerings and gain an even greater competitive edge, travel management company Safe Harbors has signed a new agreement with VisaHQ. Under this new partnership, Safe Harbors will be able to actively provide visa services while delivering an end-to-end solution to their business clients.

“We have always been expected to provide services such accurate visas/passports services. As a leader in the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and international travel management, the added benefit of VisaHQ will help our staff manage our clients’ needs and provide an additional layer of confidence with our clients,” Jay Ellenby, President, Safe Harbors Business Travel.

For over three decades Safe Harbors has created customized travel programs for their clients by offering cost and time effective travel experiences and giving travelers uncompromised security throughout their experience. The partnership comes at a time when Safe Harbors was pursuing a more consistent and automated approach to helping their clients acquire visas and passports. With systematic automation, accuracy and timeliness to notifications, the VisaHQ offering brings immediate value.

Under this partnership, VisaHQ will provide Safe Harbors with its very own online portal. “VisaHQ is the only online visa application platform providing a dedicated solution for TMC. We are delighted to provide Safe Harbors with our technology, The TMC will now handle all of their client’s visa and passport applications through their own branded portal,” says Alexander Yaroshenko, VisaHQ CEO. 

With the merging of an innovative AI-powered online solution that eliminates time-consuming repetitive tasks and an accompanying expert team, familiar hassles that come from acquiring visas such as expensive rescheduling fees, aggressive timelines, and more, will be eliminated. The innovative approach includes a user-friendly automated online application form, and an unprecedented commitment to customer service. Safe Harbors’ customers will receive a personalized visa services that meets their individual needs and even more access to the very best that the visa and passport industry has to offer.

About VisaHQ

VisaHQ’s online platform makes it simple to obtain travel visas by streamlining and automating the application process. Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or a first-time overseas vacationer, our secure and intuitive platform saves time and hassle leaving you free to focus on your upcoming trip.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., VisaHQ was founded in 2003 on the premise that physical borders between nations can be made invisible via technology. Our mission has always been to create a more accessible, secure world for every traveler.

Today, the company has 24 offices in 12 countries and is continuously expanding to new locations. See www.visahq.com for more information.

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VP Global Growth
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