NEW YORK, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Williamsville Sears Management Inc. (OTC Pink:WSML) (“WSML” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has formed a new subsidiary, Opulent Entertainment Group Corporation., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Williamsville Sears Management, Inc., which will house and manage Williamsville Sears’ global entertainment portfolio. Up under Opulent Entertainment Group Corporation, are three subsidiaries that have also been formed in Delaware, Opulent Music Group Inc., which will focus on recording, marketing, and distribution of music at a global scale; Opulent Films Corp, which will focus on production, marketing and distribution of films in Hollywood USA, Bollywood India and Nollywood in Africa; and lastly, Opulent Events Inc. will focus on entertainment and corporate events. This is in line with Williamsville Sears’ plans to have presence all industries as it seeks to increase bottom line. Williamsville Sears remains agnostic in its approach and will continue to look for more opportunities in different markets and industries. 

Opulent Music Group Inc. is looking to sign its first three artists within the next six months, one hip hop, one R&B and one Country whereas Opulent Films Corp will be looking to start a production of its first movie within the next six months, and lastly Opulent Events Inc. is looking to host its first Hip Hop gig within four months. 

Kent A. D Clark, Chairman and CEO of Williamsville Sears Management, Inc., stated, “We started Opulent Entertainment Group Corporation with the goal of creating an entertaining group with some of the best and hottest talent in the industry today. We wanted to appeal to a market group spanning across generational and diverse cultures globally. We felt that WSML needed to add the Entertainment Sector to our diverse portfolio and now is the time. We are engaging prominent industry leaders and artists bringing the resources and support we need for long-term success. We look forward as a Team taking this great next step for the WSML Family of Subsidiaries and our Shareholders.”

About Williamsville Sears Management Inc.

Williamsville Sears Management is a diversified holding corporation that was formed by Mandla J. Gwadiso. The group operates its own assets through a range of subsidiary companies under its purview. The group’s primary focus is in real estate, mining, media, transportation, entertainment and technology. The group uses vertical integration as a strategy of diversification and growth. The group plans to grow through acquisitions in Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

Williamsville Sears Management actively seeks a select portfolio of high-calibre strategic subsidiaries which it acquires based on market trends and their ability to deliver strong returns to shareholders whilst enhancing the communities in which the investments are located.

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