Wilmington, DE, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Savanna Mitchell left a successful career in sales after experiencing the stress and frustration of head lice that are increasingly difficult to treat because of ineffective products and services.


“When my daughter had a case of head lice I realized that the over-the-counter-treatments, home remedies and comb out services are not effective, and fortunately found a Lice Clinics of America treatment center,” Savanna said. “The solution was so fast and easy that I saw the business opportunity right away.”


Savanna recently opened Lice Clinics of America - Wilmington, to provide screening, diagnosis, and treatment for people infested with head lice using Lice Clinics of America’s AirAllé® medical device. The AirAllé device is an FDA-cleared Class I medical device that kills both head lice and their eggs using precision controlled heated air to dehydrate the bugs and their eggs (nits). The device is clinically shown to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs.


The battle against head lice has gotten more difficult in recent years as head lice have become immune to the chemical pesticides in the most popular lice products. The most recent study found that so-called “Super Lice” comprise 98 percent of head lice in most states. The pesticides used in lice products have also been linked to developmental and behavioral problems in children.


“I’m excited to bring this fast, safe, guaranteed treatment alternative to Delaware,” Savanna said. “I can speak from experience and say that the solution is a life-saver.”


Most treatments using the AirAllé device take about an hour, and the treatment is guaranteed to be effective. The device has successfully treated more than 400,000 cases of head lice worldwide.


The Wilmington clinic is located at 234 Philadelphia Pike, Suite 7, and is open seven days per week, by appointment only.


With more than 300 clinics in 34 countries, Lice Clinics of America (www.LiceClinicsOfAmerica.com) is the largest network of professional head-lice-treatment centers in the world. Lice Clinics of America and AirAllé (www.airalle.com) are brands owned by Larada Sciences™, Inc., which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Savanna Mitchell
Lice Clinics of America - Wilmington, DE