NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NYIAX, the world’s first guaranteed advertising contract marketplace and mesmr, the blockchain-based secure media ecosystem, today announced an integration partnership.

This month, NYIAX earned attention when they began the process of patenting the new method they co-created  with Nasdaq to enable the trading of any physical and digital contract across industries. mesmr will drive this forward by integrating the trading method into, its media platform for content creators and their audiences. Once integration is complete, will be the benchmark platform providing content and providing creators, audiences, and brands—with a seamless, secure way to exchange ad revenue.

Upon launch, the platform will create a paradigm shift in new media by creating a new advertising ecosystem that gives brands a transparent way to reach customers. NYIAX’s knowledge base and the integration of NYIAX’s IP and platform across will create a channel allowing brands and content creators to interact seamlessly. With a unique token-based system, rewards all parties for their participation on the platform.

The integration of NYIAX’s IP is the second implementation of the proprietary method for ad trading, their own guaranteed advertising contract marketplace being the first.

“Integrating NYIAX and Nasdaq’s patented digital asset trading method into our marketplace was an easy choice because they have set the gold standard for fostering the best exchange options possible today and our blockchain methodologies align,” said Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares, founder and CEO of mesmr.

“We are thrilled that mesmr is using our infrastructure to anchor monetization of its end-to-end marketplace,” said Carolina Abenante, founder, chief strategy officer, vice chairperson, and general counsel for NYIAX.

Richard Bush, President of NYIAX and co-chair of the IAB Blockchain working group concurred, “Until now, there has never been a one-stop-shop as transparent and trusted as the one mesmr is providing to its platform participants.”

Exchanges like NYIAX’s ad marketplace reflect the tremendous digital transformation reshaping all sectors today as blockchain and other transformative solutions increase efficiency and provide more benefits to community members. They also provide the standards and structure needed to enable capital to flow through blockchain-based systems.

To learn more, visit and download the whitepaper. 

Developed in partnership with Nasdaq, NYIAX ( combines a patented Financial Matching Engine℗ with blockchain technology for the advertising industry. NYIAX provides advertisers and publishers a platform to buy, sell, and re-trade premium advertising contracts in a forward/futures methodology. As the first and only trusted, transparent, and curated marketplace, NYIAX enables advertisers and publishers to increase ROI and to reduce costs throughout the deal lifecycle.

About mesmr
Founded in 2017, mesmr is committed to creating a secure media ecosystem powered entirely by blockchain. The soon-to-be-released mesmr blockchain will be powered by the Proof of Influence consensus protocol solving the unfairness of PoS (Proof of Stake) and the sustainability issues of PoW (Proof of Work). is the first proof of concept into the blockchain industry which will demonstrate the integration of the influence index.

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