New York, June 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The agreement gives Accelerated Technolgies Holding corp. greater control over technological enhancements. Additionally, it enables deeper collaboration between operations professionals and the team of developers to provide innovative solutions for ATHC’s pipeline of products. Keeping development efforts offshore, but in-house will provide for greater controls on costs of development, transparencies and management of timetables.

Reduced  deployment cost will enable the Company to pass  savings on to our customers across all upcoming verticals in business solutions, artificial intelligence and reporting, alternative lending, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. These include ehnhancements and modifications for  subsidiaries, FinBridge, Intelagy and our planned ICOs/TGOs of IconXchange and Xstream. Cyber security and other sensitive information will continue to be managed domestically.

As the Company nears deployment of its offerings, ATHC subsidiaries will use the facility to stand out amongst their peers and other business solution providers by offering 24/7 customer service and support.

“ATHC’s portfolio of complimentary products will benefit greatly from the economies of scale and so will our customers. The combination of lower offshore operational costs and in-house management of all future development are a key factor in allowing ATHC to execute on our strategies. The planned expansion of facilities in Eastern Europe will also allow us to bring customer service and support in house, further allowing for quality controls and customer responsiveness.” Said Kevin Kading Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. President




Xstream Corp



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