The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority Has Certified SSH NQX™ Firewall and VPN Appliance

Helsinki, FINLAND

The National Cyber Security Authority (the body responsible for approving cryptographic products in Finland) at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora) has on June 20, 2018 certified the SSH NQX™ firewall and virtual private network (VPN) appliance as a cryptographic product for protecting classified information according to Finnish national (FI) ST III security requirements.

The certified product (SSH NQX) is a combined firewall and VPN appliance that protects ICT systems and networks from unauthorized usage and interference. It provides strong encryption for Ethernet frames and IP packets using technologies that are compatible with future post-quantum cryptography algorithms (Quantum Ready). Several key technologies used in the product have been protected with international patents and patent applications. More information about the product can be found at (page in Finnish).

Kaisa Olkkonen

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