NEW YORK, June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZenoRadio, a top ten streaming radio company that amplifies local voices while connecting niche and diaspora communities worldwide, today announced the acquisition of AudioNow and a rebranding to Zeno Media. The acquisition further expands the company’s product offering creating a global media powerhouse that serves 2 billion monthly listening minutes in more than 100 languages and across 150 countries. With a breadth of product offerings that help publishers monetize via Call-to-Listen, Free Unlimited Streaming and Mobile App Development, Zeno Media streams to 6 million+ monthly active users (MAU).

“AudioNow played an important role in the Call-to-Listen and app development space with a client list that represented marquis broadcasters including BBC, Voice of American and ESPN as well as an expansive customer base,” said Baruch Herzfeld, Founder and President of Zeno Media. “Incorporating AudioNow app development offerings rounds out our overall app strategy. We can now sign exclusive deals with broadcasters and deliver high quality streaming and apps that drive unique revenue streams for our clients.”

“At Zeno Media we see the evolution of telecommunications and spoken-word audio as core business opportunities,” said Morris Berger, CEO of Zeno Media. “Our team is constantly innovating by creating new ways to empower local and established voices all over the world. This strategic acquisition not only broadens our product offering, but also allows us to focus on building a library of content along with licensing deals. These relationships help to give international and niche broadcasters an equal footing by making them more competitive in a fierce marketplace.”

In addition to doubling the number of Zeno Media’s listeners and clients, the acquisition included key personnel team members in sales, operations and a cutting edge app development team in Romania. The company has expanded its global reach with offices in New York, Washington DC, Romania, Greece and the Philippines. Zeno Media hosts satellite offices in various countries including Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Ghana, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nigeria, Senegal, and Somalia.

About Zeno Media
Zeno Media, a top ten streaming radio company, amplifies local voices while connecting niche and diaspora communities to their hometown radio stations and native language programming. With more than 650 apps and 7,000+ large and small broadcasters globally, the company averages 2 billion listening minutes every month and has a growing audience of 6 million monthly active users. Zeno is the pioneer and largest player in the Call-to-Listen space. The company also offers the only end-to-end streaming solution at no cost as well as innovative tools that help broadcasters monetize content and broaden their audience base worldwide. Learn more at

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