CEOLIVE.TV Special Report :Cool Technologies (WARM) Revolution in Mobile Generation

Orlando, FL, June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CEOLIVE.TV, which provides exclusive interviews and coverage of select U.S. publicly traded companies, published a special report on Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:WARM) today.  According to this special report, Tim Hassett and his company, Cool Technologies, Inc (OTCQB: WARM), are transforming mobile generation.

To many people, this may not sound like a big deal—but it is.

Think of all the places and situations where being able to bring in reliable electricity is crucial. Communities devastated by hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and other natural disasters are in desperate need of power. Military encampments on the front lines of a conflict depend on having electricity out in the field. And it’s not possible to develop far-flung oil fields or mines, to work at thousands of construction sites, to farm rural lands, or to treat patients in field hospitals without power. In many of these situations, mobile generation is literally lifesaving.

Hassett and his company have solved all these problems with an innovative new approach. They build a high-tech generator right into a standard pickup truck, using the truck’s own engine and fuel tank to power the generator. “Wherever you can drive a truck, you can generate power,” Hassett explains. Operators don’t even need to leave the cab to start generating electricity, using a ToughPad from partner Panasonic to control the system.

In May 2018, Cool Technologies successfully demonstrated a generator-equipped Ford F-350 truck to nine representatives from Mexico’s farming, banking, and government sectors in Fort Collins, Colorado, in May. Those officials see the technology as being vital to rural economic development. “We consider that this will have immediate and life-changing effects for farmers,” says Dr. Rosario Salas Beal, Mexico’s delegate to the Foro Euro-Latinoamericano de la Mujeres.

Building the generator system into standard Ford trucks is just the start.  Hassett now is in discussions with military first responders, who understand the major advantages of being able to load generator-equipped trucks onto airplanes or ships to deliver to an area struck by a natural disaster or conflict, instead of having to bring in tow-behind generators and fuel.

The company confirmed to that it will become profitable as soon as the first trucks are delivered, Hassett says, with each of the lowest-power systems selling for 10% to 20% below the traditional cost of a tow behind. The company has set a goal to have more than 1000 orders in backlog by the end of the year. And sales should rise rapidly from there as the trucks demonstrate their advantages to everyone from the military and utility and communications industries to oil and gas companies. “We think this is a no brainer, a must-have,” Hassett says.

With Cool Tech’s extensive contacts, Hassett was able to bring on Craftsmen Industries, the nation’s leading designer and builder of experiential trucks, to install the generator and heat pipe system on Ford F-350, 450, and 550 trucks. With the help of an independent agent, Co-Builder, he brought in Panasonic to supply the ToughPads that control the system. Hassett anticipates partnering with more companies, from truck manufacturers to those in service industries.

Soon the first trucks will be delivered and this new mobile generation revolution will begin.

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