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OPEN MINDS & Credible Behavioral Health Solutions Release Free White Paper On Incorporating Technology Into Organizational Strategy: Finding Success In A Changing Behavioral Health Landscape

Gettysburg, PA, June 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPEN MINDS and Credible Behavioral Health Software are pleased to announce the release of their collaborative white paper: Incorporating Technology Into Organizational Strategy: Finding Success In A Changing Behavioral Health Landscape. The white paper details two central themes of organizational readiness to deploy technology and evaluation of features and functions needed in technology. The white paper is located in the OPEN MINDS resource library and available for anyone to use for free.

The white paper was written to help behavioral health care organizations define the reasons for integrating technology into the strategic planning process as a means to enhance the value and sustainability of the provided services. It also describes ten key components of organizational readiness necessary to plan through before implementing any new technology system. The white paper details essential EHR features and functions needed in today’s value-based health system, like reporting and mobile functionality.

“Having a robust technology plan that is part of an organization’s larger strategic plan is key to thriving in this value-based market,” said Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS. She continued, “Aligning your technology strategy – whether that is deploying a new system or including new features into an existing system – to the bigger picture and to the changes in the market will give behavioral health executives a greater opportunity to stay competitive.”

To download this white paper, Incorporating Technology Into Organizational Strategy: Finding Success In A Changing Behavioral Health Landscape, available free courtesy of Credible Behavioral Health Software, and learn more about developing a technology strategy, visit:


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