Arias Intel Enters LOI to Spin-Out SportXction®Technology

SportXction - Proprietary, Real-Time Software System for Play-by-Play Wagering

TAMPA, FL, June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arias Intel Corp. (OTC Markets: ASNT) (the "Company"), a technology, media and mobile gaming platform, today announced it has entered a Letter of Intent to spin-out its SportXctiontechnology. 

By spinning-out the SportXctiontechnology, the Company’s shareholders will receive a pro rata share dividend in the new public company and the Company would receive a royalty for the use of the technology.  The Company believes the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling to allow states to legalize sports betting opens the domestic market for mobile application development using the SportXctiontechnology.

SportXctionis a proprietary, real-time interactive software system which allows a user to make play-by-play wagers on a sporting event while the event is in progress. Wagering may be conducted online while viewing a live sporting event. 

The SportXctiontechnology accepts wagers not only on the outcome of the sporting event, but also on discrete parts of the event and on specific in-game situations for such sports as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, among many others.  The Company believes this technology has multiple mobile applications, but the development can be better supported as a stand-alone company to seek joint venture development partners.

According to a story in USA Todayon May 14, 2018, the writer estimates, “Within the next few years, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to walk into my local NBA arena on a Wednesday night, settle into my seat for an otherwise meaningless regular season game, flip on my phone and place $10 on whether the teams will score more or less than 50 points in the first quarter.” 

The wagers offered through the SportXction are primarily oriented to short-term action, for example, is the penalty kick successful, is the next play a run or a pass, is the next pitch a ball or a strike, does the shooter make two foul shots, points scored in a quarter, and many more. The wagers have odds associated with them, which relate to the probable outcome of the proposition being wagered upon, and the odds are adjusted in real-time to balance the betting using proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence software to reflect user sentiment, as derived from their betting patterns. 

The Company acquired the intellectual property rights and gaming software technology from Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. ("ISWI"), including its SportXction rights, in July 2017. According to ISWI, the technology has been used in the U.S., as well as licensed in Europe, Asia and South America and has supported wagers on over 2,800 annual sporting events worldwide. 

About Arias Intel Corp.

Arias Intel Corp. is a digital media platform for tech, media, and gaming, which includes mobile apps and gaming, augmented and virtual reality, on-demand delivery, digital and social media, and e-commerce. The Company plans to generate revenue through in-app purchases, service fees, and cross-channel advertising.

The Company's focus is on developing innovative technologies that leverage connectivity, distribution, and social networks. The Company intends to use its digital platforms to implement its unique marketing strategy that empowers viral and social mechanisms to reach a growing demographic that utilizes: (1) mobile apps and gaming, (2) social media, and (3) on-demand delivery. The Company believes its platforms are entertaining, convenient and scalable. 

The Company intends to use its platform to build its subscriber base and boost users' engagement within its digital platforms to gather analytics and target advertising directly to users based on their preferences. The Company is also exploring opportunities to expand a suite of mobile games and apps that target similar audience demographics. The Company may explore these opportunities through the acquisition of operating companies, asset purchases or internal development.

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