PHOENIX, AZ, June 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lannister Development and Shot Ventures LLC have entered into a Mutual Strategic Alliance in order to provide both companies clients access to world class consultative development, marketing, and fundraising services.

“We are committed to making Arizona the Blockchain Tech Hub of the USA and to support that mission our prospective clients will, in many cases, need expert consulting and fundraising to launch, build and deploy their blockchain use cases and ideas. The team at Shot Ventures LLC has recently opened their first Arizona office because of the incredible opportunities and legislative support that Arizona provides to cutting edge technologies like blockchain. We are proud to announce our Strategic Alliance with Shot Ventures LLC and look forward to empowering Arizona and the World's blockchain communities moving forward.” – Joseph Snyder, CEO

On June 21st, 2018 Shot Ventures announced;

Shot Ventures has opened executive offices in Tucson, Arizona to support investments flowing from Silicon Valley to tech companies in the Southwest. The executive firm includes University of Arizona alum who have family in the Bay Area. In the last year, the firm has deployed its growth strategists into dozens of companies, supporting $300MM of funding raises in both cash and cryptocurrency. With tech markets growing in Phoenix and Tucson, Shot Ventures is expanding its activities with M&A teams, venture capitalists, and private equity firms who are seeking to identify investment opportunities in the region.

Shot Ventures LLC provides investor packaging, pre-capital services, and strategic marketing in order to increase the probability of closing funding. Shot Ventures supports investors through M&A and capital activities, including new target brand acquisitions. The team gathers investor requirements and then closely works with founders to articulate (and in some cases “fix”) value proposition, messaging, and go-to-market strategy. By working with founders to develop their offering and communicate it correctly, all parties are able to save time on due diligence and increase opportunities for capital.

The Arizona Technology Council 2018 Industry Impact Report reveals that 2,156 startups are listed in Arizona on AngelList, each with an average valuation of $3.9MM, and 2,741 patents were awarded in 2015.  Tech in Arizona is ranking second, beating out California for employment growth.

The opening of the 2017-founded firm in Arizona marks a new mission by investors to acquire digital assets, digital capabilities, and customer bases, where the traditional approach to M&A does not work. This is especially the case with new blockchain, fintech, and insurtech markets. Trent Lapinski, the firm’s product and business strategist who maintains San Francisco operations, spoke at the 2018 Blockchain Economic Forum  about opportunities in the market.

The new executive office is set to open on the second story of the executive offices at Ventana Canyon, the significant 23,000 sq.ft. complex, owned by Tucson Embedded Systems, the advanced electronics and software development leader. A welcome reception is planned for summer 2018 to introduce investors, tech companies, and neighboring businesses at the new Catalina Foothills location. The firm is actively interviewing companies that are promising candidates for investment.

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