PALO ALTO, Calif., July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adding to the company’s growing lineup of Artificial Intelligence-powered (AI) microservices for the smart home, People Power, the Internet of Things (IoT) software company providing white-label solutions for home security, energy and senior care service, today announces its new Home Occupancy Status Microservice.

Providing a remedy for poorly performing GPS-based geofencing solutions that require people to carry their phones with them, the new microservice intelligently detects and understands occupancy conditions of a home based on motion patterns derived from activity sensors. Complex occupancy status decisions are made quickly and accurately from sensor data through a combination of patent pending machine learning algorithms, designed to determine the four essential occupancy states of home, away, vacation and sleep along with the transitions between those states. Highly complex algorithms extract several dozen dimensions of occupancy factors in the home from thousands of data points, including the day, time, door activity, motion activity, energy and water use, supporting geofencing data and more.

The Home Occupancy Status Microservice is also capable of knowing when people are asleep to deliver advanced automation, senior care and wellness solutions from understanding a person’s natural sleep patterns. Able to put a home to sleep or wake it up gently to better prepare residents for the day, improvements to a person’s circadian rhythm are possible through sleep predictions to intelligently adjust home temperature and lighting conditions appropriate for the time of day, the day itself, and even the season. Senior care solutions become more intelligent and supportive by understanding away, at home, asleep or awake states of older adults. With its ability to integrate hundreds of wirelessly connected smart home devices from manufacturers including Bosch, Philips, Centralite, Linkhigh International, and others, the new microservice becomes a vital component to People Power’s white label consumer offerings.

“A fundamental technical blocker for the next generation smart home is the phone-based geofencing solutions of today, which sadly cannot keep pace with customer needs,” said David Moss, CTO of People Power. “With our new AI-powered microservice, residents can now enjoy the convenience of having their smart homes automatically switch occupancy modes for greater levels of convenience, ease of use and dependability.”

People Power’s Home Occupancy Status Microservice benefits include:

  • Geofencing without dependence on a smartphone
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) determines occupancy automatically
  • Solves geofencing problems for multi-tenant occupancy
  • Revolutionary development of sleep mode detection
  • The easiest to use geofencing solution anywhere
  • Occupancy modes identified with a minimum of 2 sensors
  • New services are possible for security, energy and senior care

People Power Chief Technology Officer, David Moss, will speak about the new AI-powered smart home microservice at the 3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum, July 10-11 at the World Trade Center in Portland, Oregon. The event will feature speakers from McAfee, Johnson Controls, BlackBerry, People Power and others.

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An award-winning IoT software company specializing in the development of consumer smart home solutions delivered through service provider brands, People Power leads the industry in white-label IoT services with patented AI technology for recurring revenues in energy, security and care markets. People Power introduces true intelligence into the home, enabling service providers to rapidly offer differentiated services to address growing consumer market opportunities.

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