Toronto, Ontario. , July 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GripeVine Inc. (GRPV) – Richard Hue, CEO of GripeVine Inc. announces the creation of its Advisory Board in order to build a panel of experts from related fields that will not only complement its ongoing business efforts but also provide guidance within the different sectors in which it plans to operate. Customer Success and the management of customer feedback logistics is now at the forefront of most SME or Enterprise based businesses. GripeVine is engaged in creating solutions to help manage the bottlenecks and ongoing logistics of not only managing customer feedback but also ensuring that they are from real customers.

“We’re excited to have Harpreet Geekee on board as our founding member in the creation of our Advisory Board. He is a recognized expert in Blockchain, real-time complex Software Systems, as well as predictive Big/Small Data. In addition to advising multiple startups, he is currently also an advisor to the Government of Canada on how to leverage disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the national security and citizen services sector. Harpreet was previously CTO of Cisco Systems Solutions Canada and Juniper Networks Financial Vertical.” quotes Richard Hue.

Harpreet Geekee adds, “The world of customer feedback has certainly evolved, and I am excited to be part of this dynamic shift where disruptive technologies in this space could be a game changer. Although there’s been a great deal of noise on utilizing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence within the customer service space, I am not sure if most are really embracing the significant possibilities with AI in this space. I’m looking forward to advising and working with Richard Hue and the GripeVine team in order to make a difference in creating disruptive platforms in the area of customer feedback.”

“GripeVine began as a social platform connecting consumers with negative (or positive) experiences with companies who wanted a safe place to respond and create positive outcomes. It has since evolved to much more and we’re looking forward to showing both SME’s and Enterprise based businesses how we can provide effective solutions to their customer feedback challenges.” adds Richard Hue.

The future of customer service is social, and GripeVine is inviting consumers and companies to join its community as one voice on a leveled playing field for both sides to Be Heard. Get Results. Resolve, Rate, Review.

About GripeVine Inc.: GripeVine ( is a proprietary “pay-wall” free customer feedback platform connecting consumers with negative (or positive) experiences with companies who want to create positive outcomes. It utilizes centralized communication, rating, and review tools. The system incentivizes positive and amicable outcomes and rewards reliable consumers and responsive businesses. GripeVine is a thriving community for consumers that pairs with unmatched back-end socialCRM tools for businesses, and the combination secures GripeVine as the next evolution of socialCRM and the go to digital destination for businesses and consumers to truly be heard.

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