LONDON, July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The $422 million USD jackpot in this weekend’s US Mega Millions is attracting tens of thousands of enthusiasts from outside the US. Whilst some cross the border to purchase tickets, many more are trying their luck online - a service provided by

TheLotter’s spokesman Austin Weaver: “Of course we’re seeing a massive increase to visitor numbers right now, but there’s a larger story here. We had never expected to grow 60% last year in the Americas. Mind you, this was in the wake of some massive multi-million-dollar jackpot wins by our customers from Panama, El Salvador and Canada, as well as some even further afield. The real news is that this year we managed to solidify and grow our position even further. This current $422 million Mega Millions draw is just the icing on the cake.”

Weaver continues: “A few years ago media outlets extensively reported on our service and we grew massively. Since then we have received so much positive feedback from customers. People trust theLotter – an enormous compliment. In such a competitive market, theLotter is still one of the few operators which physically purchases official paper lottery tickets. Many online newcomers may look to be doing the same, and sometimes they offer ‘tickets’ for less, but read their fine print and you’ll discover they actually only offer betting options where they hopefully insure themselves in case a bet matches an official draw. We may be ‘old school’, but we stand by our approach. We just prove time and time again that our messenger model provides more security for customers. Our people go out every day and physically buy and scan tickets for customers, which winners can then go to the US to claim their prize in person! It’s legal, we’ve done it for more than a decade and it’s safe.”

“Whilst US jackpot levels are yet to climb to the huge heights we saw in earlier years, the current $422 million jackpot in the Mega Millions is definitely a great start. Now it is just a matter of time before we celebrate with another multimillionaire in South or Central America!”  

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