SEATTLE, July 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DigitalTown (OTC:DGTW), with a mission to deliver its blockchain-based technology to every town, city and village in the world via its global cloud-hosted platform and decentralized applications is partnering with FreeUP Mobile to bring Free Wireless Service to US members of the DigitalTown movement. The deal includes a Free SIM Card and Free Wireless Service by using the FreeUP Rewards app on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network.

Designed to create more resilient and equitable local economies, the DigitalTown turnkey solution of ‘a digital city in a box’ makes it easy and convenient for cities to get online without investing in expensive bespoke systems. With DigitalTown, merchants are eligible for a free online shopfront. Residents and visitors receive a SmartWallet for carrying out transactions. In addition, upon registration, people receive 10 free blockchain-based CityShares in their resident city and have access to Community Tools for the sharing and distribution of local interest content, discussions, news, events and projects.

DigitalTown CEO, Rob Monster, comments: “FreeUP Mobile is a pioneer in telecommunications and as DigitalTown advocates a ‘mobile first’ approach to the Digital Age, the partnership with FreeUP is perfectly aligned with our goal to have every US – and global – city become a DigitalTown with life-enhancing, habit forming technology available for free on web and mobile. Our mission is to co-create local abundance while achieving digital interoperability locally and globally. In the US, with FreeUP, we’re making it incredibly cost-effective, convenient and simple for everyone to reap the benefits that can be enjoyed when a city becomes a DigitalTown.”

FreeUP Mobile Founder and CEO, Rod Nakjavani, adds: “It’s exciting times for us at FreeUP Mobile as we gear up to roll out FreeUP 2.0 and add more monetization categories to the Rewards app and launch more competitive plans. Just as DigitalTown makes it easy for every city to be a digital city, we make it easy for everyone to access uncompromised cellular-first wireless service on America’s top GSM 4G LTE network with wide-open, blazing-fast LTE speeds and great features such as unlimited international calling and messaging. Now all US members of the DigitalTown movement will receive free access to our program without having to change their phone or mobile number. They will be able to access their city’s portal and SmartWallet powered by DigitalTown. The partnership is a great fit for FreeUP and we’re delighted to join DigitalTown in co-creating resilient local economies.”

To join the DigitalTown movement and receive your complementary FreeUP Mobile SIM (US only) please visit

About DigitalTown

DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) powers Smart Cities to succeed in the Digital Age. It provides turn-key hosted solutions to power "Digital Towns", which improve Quality of Life for residents and visitors through locally owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement and digital inclusion for cities around the world. You can download the DigitalTown App from the App Store, or visit one of our many city sites such as Austin.City to get a feel for how DigitalTown is creating value for cities around the world.

About FreeUP Mobile

We at FreeUP Mobile believe that everyone has a right to a dependable wireless connection and our mission is to enable customers to earn rewards with the least amount of friction to make wireless Free! FreeUP offers users uncompromised cellular-first wireless service on America’s top 4G LTE network with wide-open, blazing LTE speeds and great features such as unlimited international calling and messaging.

Rob Monster, Chief Executive Officer

Karen Floyd, Chief Brand Officer
+34 692 336 787

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