Zeno Media Announces Strategy To Exclusively License Broadcasting Content Globally

First region complete with deals signed by top tier Haitian broadcasters

NEW YORK, Aug. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zeno Media, a top ten streaming radio company that amplifies local voices while connecting niche and diaspora communities worldwide, announced a new content licensing strategy that will be deployed across numerous regions globally. This strategy takes shape today as Zeno Media announces its team has executed exclusive agreements with top tier Haitian broadcasters. The Haitian content, available exclusively through Zeno Media distribution channels, currently drives more than 2.5 billion listening minutes to 5MM+ listeners annually.

“Zeno Media delivers tremendous value to our business and brand,” said Harold Isaac, CTO of Radio Kiskeya, Haiti. “Before signing with Zeno, our content was being pirated and made available widely across the Internet. We now have best-in-class mobile technology, intellectual property protection, unlimited streaming, and new monetization strategies. Zeno Media is helping the station stay competitive and on the cutting edge of the broadcasting business.”

To distribute this exclusive content, Zeno Media is launching a mobile app featuring all of the broadcasters that are part of the licensing deal. The Haiti Radios App is available for both Android and iOS and will be the only place where listeners can access this content outside of Haiti.

With the new app, listeners avoid the hassle of downloading multiple apps to stay connected to local Haitian content and can access these stations from anywhere in the world. Each station’s content is streamed live and the app also includes on-demand archived content. Listeners can access the content for free by activating the Call-to-Listen option in the app or enhance their experience via subscription.

“Helping broadcasters stay competitive and giving back to the regional communities we are working with is important to Zeno Media and ties back to our core licensing strategy,” said Morris Berger, CEO of Zeno Media. “Our team is focused on gaining exclusive rights, signing deals across multiple regions globally and sharing revenues with each of the broadcasters. In the coming months we will be announcing additional regions and innovative products that will create value for broadcasters and their listeners.”

Many of the Haitian broadcasters have signed exclusive content licensing deals with Zeno Media. These include Radio Kiskeya, Radio Lumiere Miami, Radio Shalom Haiti, Radio RCH 2000, Radio Zenith, Radio Scoop FM, Radio Terapi Spirityel, Radyo Panou, Radio Lumiere Port au Prince, Radio Tele Ginen and Radio Soleil. Freemium and subscription deals have also been signed with additional top tier broadcasters in the country. Content from all of the broadcasters will be available on the Haiti Radios app.

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Zeno Media, a top ten streaming radio company, amplifies local voices while connecting niche and diaspora communities to their hometown radio stations and native language programming. With more than 650 apps and 7,000+ large and small broadcasters globally, the company averages 2 billion listening minutes every month and has a growing audience of 6 million monthly active users. Zeno is the pioneer and largest player in the Call-to-Listen space. The company also offers the only end-to-end streaming solution at no cost as well as innovative tools that help broadcasters monetize content and broaden their audience base worldwide. Learn more at zenomedia.com.

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