SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Invuity, Inc. (NASDAQ:IVTY), a leading medical technology company focused on minimal access surgery, today announced the full commercial launch of PhotonGuide® Adapt, a novel system that consists of a flexible illuminator and a family of compatible retractors for surgical procedures performed vaginally including pelvic organ prolapse repairs and vaginal hysterectomies.

PhotonGuide Adapt represents a new platform for Invuity. The flexible nature of the waveguide conforms to different sizes and shapes of retractors, and allows surgeons to seamlessly adjust the illumination along the length of the retractor to accommodate the surgical target. The pairing of the flexible illuminator with a range of compatible retractors optimizes visualization deep into the surgical cavity.

“The PhotonGuide Adapt launch marks a major milestone in our commitment to advancing surgical procedures in women’s health,” stated Scott Flora, President and CEO of Invuity. “We now have a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the clinical and economic needs of the surgical gynecologist and their female patients.”

“I perform over 100 vaginal surgical cases per year, and every case presents a unique challenge. Invuity’s illumination technology creates a more efficient surgical experience through its direct intracavity visualization. This is most beneficial during Uterosacral Ligament Suspension procedures. During this procedure with PhotonGuide Adapt, I am not only able to retract the pelvic organs while protecting the ureters, but I am also able to directly visualize these organs and other pelvic floor support structures, which is essential for a great surgical outcome,” explained Doug Miyazaki, MD, FACOG Novant Health, Winston-Salem, NC.

PhotonGuide Adapt is a significant innovation in vaginal access instrumentation. Procedures, like pelvic organ prolapse repair and hysterectomy, require optimal surgical visualization as surgeons operate deep within the pelvis. PhotonGuide Adapt exemplifies Invuity’s commitment to enabling surgeons to perform complex procedures in women’s health with greater confidence, and to give more women access to transformative options, with the goal of promoting improved patient satisfaction and quality of life after surgery. 

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Invuity, Inc., is a leading medical technology company focused on developing and marketing advanced surgical devices to improve the surgeon’s ability to perform minimal access surgery through smaller and hidden incisions. The Company’s patented Intelligent Photonics® technology delivers enhanced visualization, which facilitates surgical precision, efficiency and safety. Clinical applications include women’s health, encompassing breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery, gynecology and thyroid surgery. Additional applications include procedures for general surgery, electrophysiology, spine and orthopedics. Invuity is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit

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