WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Aug. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zobrist Consulting, the leading ecommerce systems integrator and business partner of IBM, announces today that its Mobiecom storefront is the first to be validated by IBM for all versions of IBM WebSphere Commerce, including V7, V8, V9 and IDC (IBM Digital Commerce), the SaaS version.

Mobiecom is a SPA (Single Page Application) storefront developed in ReactJS and leverages the headless commerce concept of IBM commerce to create websites that are immune to IBM migration. The separation of the storefront from the back-end allows the business to boldly move forward with business initiatives and stay independent from any changes on the back-end. 

When IBM announced the new version 9 for WCS (WebSphere Commerce) in January 2018, customers were excited about the modernized architecture with Liberty, Dockers, and JPA. But to achieve true separation of IBM code and custom code, customers may have to rewrite their application.

"This is a perfect opportunity for customers to create new stores or rebuild old ones using Mobiecom with pre-built templates and cart functionalities. They will never have to go through another migration saving time, money and resources. This a common pain point for all customers and I am glad we have a solution," said Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Consulting.

Business users can also use Commerce Composer to change layouts for the website without the help of IT. Mobiecom's support for Commerce Composer has just been released at the end of Q2.

“Our regular and new customers alike, love the speed and responsiveness of Mobiecom. Whether they are on the go with their phone or tablet or back at the office with a desktop, Mobiecom makes for happy shoppers. Happy customers, happy businessowner,” says Keith McCormick, President, The Bishop Company.

To learn more about Mobiecom and how it can improve a brand commerce experience, contact sales@zobristinc.com or visit mobiecom.tech.

About Zobrist Consulting Group, Inc.

Zobrist is a Silver IBM Business Partner focusing on Online Retailing since 2001. Zobrist has won many IBM WebSphere Commerce Leadership Awards, including Best B2C Deployment, Foundational Leadership Award, IMPACT Best of Show, and Beacon Award Best Retail Solution.

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