LONDON, Aug. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Business Destinations magazine has just launched its autumn issue, which brings to life some of the world’s most exciting destinations.

One location that has attracted much acclaim in the corporate world is Seattle, US. Thanks to an incredible amount of engineering talent, which rivals even the likes of Silicon Valley, Seattle has become a hotspot among technological companies looking to set up shop.

As a result, Seattle is now one of the fastest growing cities in the US. But while it has Amazon in particular to thank for its rapid growth, not all of Seattle’s residents are reaping the rewards. Homelessness there has reached one of the worst rates in the US.

Elizabeth Matsangou investigates how Seattle became a tech hub, as well as what the societal costs have been of this success.

Another part of the world that has gained publicity is Aarhus, the second-biggest city in Denmark. In 2017, Aarhus – along with Paphos in Cyprus – was designated the European Capital of Culture. Barclay Ballard examines how a destination that describes itself as the “world’s smallest big city” has had such a massive influence on the arts scene.

Elsewhere in Business Destinations, Courtney Goldsmith remembers the life and legacy of Anthony Bourdain, the TV chef, who died in June this year. Bourdain was renowned for making us think differently about food and travel, as well as his philosophical soundbites. What did he teach us about the world, Goldsmith asks.

In addition, Business Destinations looks at the wild adventures of Matt Wright, who currently stars in National Geographic’s hit TV show Monster Croc Wrangler. Wright is known for his brave efforts to relocate saltwater crocodiles in the Australian wilderness. What inspires him? And how scary is it to work with crocodiles?

All is revealed in the latest issue of Business Destinations, which is available in print, on tablet and online now:

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