New Castle, DE, Sept. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new appetizer platters from Emile Henry are designed to make entertaining easy.  These beautiful ceramic platters can go from freezer or refrigerator to hot oven or microwave and then right to the table. With these versatile platters, there is no mess and no fuss. Appetizers can be prepped ahead of time and baked as guests arrive. Food is served piping hot. When the guests have gone home, the platters can be popped into the dishwasher.


The four new platters are practical for serving hot bites as well as cold appetizers and artisanal cheeses and their traditional accompaniments. The high resistance Emile Henry ceramic is made from Burgundy clay and an all-natural glaze. These simple yet elegant platters range in price from $25 to $36 and are available in the serene, pastel colors of Rose, Cork and Tapenade.  


These platters, like all Emile Henry products, are made from Burgundy clay. Burgundy clay provides gentle, even heat to coax out the natural flavors of food. Emile Henry ovenware is also highly resistant to thermal shock.


Specialists in culinary ceramic for more than 168 years, Emile Henry creates accessories stamped by its unique savoir-faire.  Inspired by its history and desires, the family-run company continues to use its passion for authentic, homemade cooking prepared with love and shared with pleasure.  Like all Emile Henry products, the platters are made of all natural materials and are backed by a ten-year warranty, which is not offered by any other ceramic manufacturers.  Carefully shaped, each piece is signed by the artisan who makes it. The ovenware platters are then meticulously checked by the person who packs them, adding a label with their name for traceability and as a guarantee of quality. Emile Henry is located in the Burgundy town of Marcigny, France. To find out more about Emile Henry, call 302-326-4800 or visit Emile Henry USA at


Susan Jardina
Emile Henry