LONDON, Sept. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wiztek, a provider of online and mobile tech support services, today announced that it will launch its on-demand service in the UK. Wiztek enables consumers and small businesses to locate rated IT support at competitive prices through online, chat, and mobile app (both Android and iOS). IT support professionals, or Wiztek “wizards,” who are selected by Wiztek, can also gain access to a wide customer base with relevant work, flexible work hours, and an additional income stream. Wiztek provides instant access to appropriate support at the push of a button on its app or website. Like other on-demand services, ranging from Uber to AirBNB, Wiztek aims to deliver a global service that can revolutionize a well-entrenched market – in this case, tech support.

Founded by Hani Al-Qadi, international investor and entrepreneur, and headed by Paul Amsellem, one of the leading global mobile marketing executives, Wiztek will be priced per use at £9.90 for online and mobile chat or mobile call and £17.90 for video instant call (FaceTime, Skype, etc.).

As devices and digital service platforms proliferate, IT support has become an ever-increasing challenge for the technology sector. While major brands have customer support services, there is no universal support with “one-click access” that is trusted and can solve a wide range of day-to-day software and hardware technical issues, at an affordable cost. Whether questions relate to computer virus removal, Excel spreadsheet micro creation, or mobile e-mail issues, the Wiztek team can deliver expertise through a visually appealing interface, with artificial intelligence (AI) that can expedite customer requests and locates appropriate Wiztek wizard matches.

A 2017 EY study of consumers in France, the UK, and the USA found that there was willingness to pay – either one-off or subscription – fees for trusted support, based on frequency.

“Wiztek is ‘Everyone’s Private Tech Support’ and we will offer the scale of service, across multiple service channels, that can create a global standard for on-demand IT support,” said Hani Al-Qadi, founder and chairman of Wiztek. “We will launch in the UK initially, which has been the market with the highest penetration of digital devices per household, and is advanced with on-demand services. Over the past two years, we have learned through careful market analysis and design innovation what today’s IT customer needs in a trusted on-demand IT service.”

Customer tech support services – ranging from DARTY in France to Geek Squad and HelloTech in the US and Geeks on Wheels in the UK – are growing. However, Wiztek is designed as a marketplace for IT support, which is unique to the market and enables a widely available service that can handle small business and consumer IT questions at the push of a button on a mobile device or online.

“We are finally adapting technical support for everyday IT issues to the 21st century, where virtually everyone is a potential customer, and has urgent needs for a wide range of services and devices,” said Paul Amsellem, CEO of Wiztek. “The Wiztek community leverages on-demand access with competitive pricing to superior tech support that will be the first of its kind.”

Wiztek currently plans to launch other markets in 2019 and 2020.

Wiztek Team

Hani Al-Qadi is the founder of Wiztek. He is an international investor and entrepreneur who has been involved in the launch of several enterprises in sectors ranging from finance to hospitality to telecoms to electronic payments across various markets. He sits on the corporate and advisory boards of several institutions in different countries and is a former board member of the global card company Visa Inc.

Paul Amsellem is the CEO of Wiztek. Founder of Phonevalley, a mobile marketing agency in 2000; sold to Publicis group. Founder of Cellcast Interactif; sold to Adenyo and subsequently to Motricity for US$100M+ in 2010. Former COO of Nokia France and co-founder of the Mobile Marketing Association in France. Involved in the creation, development or monetization of more than 200 apps including for Canal+, Orange, BNP, L’Oréal and Shazam.

About Wiztek

Wiztek is a developer and provider of an innovative multi-platform on-demand IT support service. The company, based in London, England with a development subsidiary in Paris, France, leverages an intelligent suite of AI tools to deliver relevant technical support experts, who register on the service, to consumers and small business professionals with everyday tech issues. The service is competitively priced and will expand to global markets. Founded by Hani Al-Qadi, international investor and entrepreneur, and headed by Paul Amsellem, founder of Phonevalley, Cellcast Interactif and Nemapp, Wiztek aims to become the first trusted IT support service of its kind. For more information, visit the company web site at

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