Suresnes, September 14th 2018: As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Recytech S.A. (a 50%-owned subsidiary of Recylex S.A.) promotes its activities and its role in the circular economy.

Recytech S.A., which is based at Fouquières-lez-Lens in the Hauts-de-France region, will open the doors to its innovative industrial facility-the only one of its kind in France-from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Friday, September 14 and Saturday, September 15, 2018. Institutions, elected officials, partners and the general public are invited to visit it over these two days.

The highlight is the official inauguration on Friday, September 14, 2018 of its new gas treatment unit, which harnesses innovative new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) technology.
The self-powered installation gives Recytech access to the best techniques currently available in the field. The unit's performance is close to ten times more effective than is required under the standards in force. An investment of around €3 million was made in the RTO.
The investment reflects the will of Recytech and of its shareholders to continue developing its activities in the zinc circular economy for its urban and related environment in the Hauts-de-France mining region.

Frédéric Heymans, Chief Executive Officer of Recytech SA, commented:
"Recytech is a leading player in the circular economy for zinc. Using our technology, we are able to put zinc back on the market by recovering it from scrap material. That helps to avert excessive consumption of natural resources and energy. Our concrete efforts in favor of the environment are underpinned by unrelenting innovation and a genuine drive to include the circular economy in our processes. The new post-combustion installation for volatile organic compounds enables us to achieve far lower emissions than the maximum levels permitted under the French and European regulations. And so we can look ahead, secure in the knowledge that the site's future in the area is assured. Though there is nothing new about the concept, the size of the RTO unit is far bigger than average. It is one of the largest of its type operating in this configuration. The installation is self-sustaining in terms of its energy profile and in the medium term it may even be able to supply power for our process. Our employees are aware that they need to constantly take care for improvements to the service provided to waste producers, to the quality of our products, to process stability and to our environmental footprint. We are fortunate to have experienced employees who have shown great loyalty to the company and who are proud of their role in the circular economy."

Regenerating the urban mines
With operations in France and Germany, Recylex is a European group specialized in lead, plastics and zinc recycling, as well as a producer of special metals. A key player in the circular economy with long-standing expertise in urban waste recovery, the Group has more than 660 employees and generated consolidated sales of €450 million in 2017. For more information about Recylex: and on Linkedin or twitter: @Recylex


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