BUFORD, Ga., Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OmniMetrix, a provider of remote monitoring and control systems for gas pipelines and stand-by generators for businesses, homes, cell towers, and other critical equipment, today announced it has added another Fortune 500 energy industry customer, increasing its penetration of the Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 to 24 companies. The new customer placed an initial order for the Company’s full line of corrosion protection monitoring systems and annual service to monitor multiple points along their pipeline network. We believe this relationship has the potential to expand in 2019 and beyond.

OmniMetrix’s Fortune 500 customers are spread across energy (25%), retail (21%), industrial (13%), and financial (8%) sectors. Aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical, hospitality, insurance, software, telecommunications, and utilities comprise the balance (33%) of these customers. OmniMetrix also serves thousands of smaller corporate, government and military clients globally.

OmniMetrix President & CEO, Walter Czarnecki, commented, “After several months of dialogue and testing, we are pleased to have been selected to provide mission critical cathodic protection services for this significant new customer. Given the technological strength of our solutions, combined with a demonstrated commitment to the highest levels of customer service and innovation, we are confident in the potential to continue to expand our customer base.

“OmniMetrix brings 20 years of leading technology expertise, experience and a track record of customer success to meet growing demand for remote monitoring and IoT solutions, which is true not only in the energy space but across all segments of the economy.”

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OmniMetrix is a pioneer in Internet of Things (IoT) wireless remote monitoring and control for gas pipelines and stand-by generators used for homes, cell towers, medical facilities, data centers, public transportation systems and federal, state and municipal government facilities. OmniMetrix is a proven solution for making critical systems more reliable with thousands of monitored assets.

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