LAS VEGAS, Oct. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Audience Acuity today announced that Sprint (NYSE: S) has licensed its National Consumer Database, Super Identity Graph and Business Database solutions. Sprint has also engaged Audience Acuity’s professional services team to integrate its data products into Sprint’s marketing and operational infrastructure.

According to the two companies, Sprint and Audience Acuity teams will collaborate to drive new customer acquisition in targeted geographic areas. “Reorienting our data using a customer-centric focus and accurately attributing behavior to carefully executed, multi-channel activities will be crucial to our acquisition strategy,” said Allan Samson, senior vice president, marketing, Sprint. “We selected Audience Acuity because of their experience implementing enterprise-wide solutions.”

Audience Acuity will also help Sprint manage consumer engagement across devices, websites, call centers and store fronts providing their consumers with an integrated and seamless experience. “Over the past decade the size and complexity of the marketing ecosystem has grown dramatically.  Mobile devices, social platforms, the Internet of Things and data fragmentation have dramatically increased the complexity of consumer marketing. Now there is a mandate for accurate omni-channel information to support marketing and operational-related investment,” said Jeff Berke, CEO of Audience Acuity. 

“By curating a proprietary 23-step data science routine that blends individually compiled information with extensive transactional activity using a deterministic match logic, that is validated against the United States’ most accurate identity database, we have successfully curated a precise data asset at the scale for the adult population in the United States,” Berke said. “Our focus is to support Tier 1 brands. We are delighted to be partnering with Sprint.”

About Audience Acuity

Connecting brands to consumers has never been more complicated, or more important. In 2018, the most strategic marketing initiatives center on three important challenges; (1) the ability to reconcile data across the online and offline spectrums, (2) implementing effective approaches to managing the customer journey, and (3) identifying and attributing behavior to the event that stimulated the activity. Audience Acuity helps brands address these challenges by enabling omni-channel, microtargeting and engagement, at scale. 

Audience Acuity’s National Consumer Database and Super Identity Graph contain more than 260 million adults and more than 500 million digital identities. The firms’ proprietary data science routines blend individually compiled information using deterministic match logic that is validated against the United States’ most accurate identity database. Audience Acuity complements its suite of data products with specialized marketing services for audience activation, digital creative development, integrated media placement and attribution analysis. Learn more at or and

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