LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Oct. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Publicly-held Nanosensors, Inc./ Green Zebra (OTC Pink: NNSR) a technology leader in business, focused on interactive private and public media network technologies, has entered into a strategic partnership with Redstone Technologies for exclusive chip licensing rights to develop and embed their Redstone Physical Layer Engine TM wireless multilayer programmable microchip, with blockchain security technology. A disruptive 5G programmable wireless connectivity technology hub that connects all things related to Internet of Things (IOT) for Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and more. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

“This Redstone partnership opens the opportunity for Green Zebra to expand 5G wireless possibilities and 5G Internet of Things (IOT). Our mission together will be to create a wireless technology platform that manages and connects Internet of Things (IOT) via an elevated cloud platform for smart cities and large venues. The programmable chip and device will offer developers open source rights to connect existing and future IOT technologies. This chip technology makes it possible for the future of AI, VR and connected devices to expand rapidly. Redstone’s chip technology resources and relationships will allow us the opportunity to expand faster and will facilitate additional licensing opportunities with industry partners.” Stated Coleman Smith, CEO Green Zebra.

Initially, Green Zebra expects to develop the programmable chip technology for it’s own Green Zebra core wifi ad network technology for current clients and future smart city,and transportation projects. The wow factor is that secure private or public wifi media networks will be able to deliver interactive 3d brand engagement, advertising, sponsorships, AI, VR capabilities and data analytics.

The micro clip is built with secure Layers. Green Zebra will offer cellular and telecom companies new solutions for offloading cellular and wireless services.

Redstone is a global engineering firm that provides disruptive technologies and develops wireless architecture that allows for ubiquitous gigabit connectivity. This new era will require a new generation of wireless networking technology, if the world is ever to achieve computing everywhere.

About Green Zebra
(OTC Pink: NNSR) A leading wireless innovator and provider of high speed wifi, wireless IT networks and wifi IOT marketing solutions for the transportation industry, Smart Cities, Smart Hotels, stadiums, airports and large temporary or permanent indoor and out door multi -location venues both in terms of technology, infrastructure and the demographic served.

About Redstone Technologies, LLC
Redstone is a technology company enabling a new communications reality with world-changing wireless gigabit technology. Our mission is to globally deploy low-cost gigabit connectivity to everyone in the world and deliver irresistible gigabit media experiences. For more information visit:
About the Redstone Chip Technology

Introducing the connectivity standard for the future.

The Redstone chip technology chip security technology opens the door to create future open source applications. A new wireless standard powered by the Redstone Physical Layer Engine is the world’s first new wireless technology designed from the ground up for today's connectivity demands. This new embedded standard is called VWDS TM - Virtual Wire with Dedicated Spectrum - to any device.

How Does VWDS work?

It is designed specifically for the todays and future needs of computing everywhere. There are no “edges” anymore.

Unlike today’s wireless, which broadcast microwave, signal everywhere constantly, signal is now captured in a closed loop between devices on demand.

Each embedded Redstone Physical Layer Engine TM ASIC functions as a node with multiple ports of connectivity. Software directs the connections for one-to-one or one-to many nodes. One can add or subtract bandwidth to each connection real-time based on the application needs by stacking ports together.

Each microchip has multiple ports. Each port is dedicated 250mbs constant, zero data loss, full duplex radio that can connect to any node within a 3km radius. These microchips are less than 2mm in size and are customized for each of our clients.

This enables any application to create its own connections based on the demand of that application. Once data transmission is completed, signal is shut off, awaiting its next transmission task. Saving power.

The next transmission task can now be controlled with AI and curated data to perform real time solutions without the overhead of compression and process cycles, removing latency for instant system data connections.

We call this Application Defined Networking or ADN.

Every individual connection is a virtual wire with dedicated bandwidth for consistent zero data-loss transmission. Gone are the days of shared bandwidth and data loss. No need to waste spectrum by constantly bombarding the environment with microwaves.
Because each connection is controlled by software to each node, it enables a new form of networking architecture called Fluid state networking.

The first technology to decouple hardware from software.

Redstone’s honeycomb architecture delivers fluid-state networking.
The three dimensional qualities of our honeycomb enable computing in the manifold. The three dimensional qualities allow for breath-ability, extensible and ability to harness multiple processors at any given time – on the fly.

This gives network architects the opportunity to leverage anywhere processing.
Redstone throws open the door to the future with solutions for architects – new and old to design the exact Infrastructure of Things™ they need:

  • Redstone Liquid ICT™ is a solution that delivers multi-dimensional and multi-spatial computing. These solutions enable 1-to-many points of connectivity that work together and enable direct human interaction.
  • Redstone Hive ICT™ is a solution that delivers closed network computing. These solutions enable unlimited thin client devices connected to a honeycomb mainframe for easy human interaction in-network.

Connections can bridge through multiple nodes that are deployed in a system to connect to any device anywhere in that system. Applications are vast, as the demands for connectivity are here to stay.

Redstone Q&A

Is Redstone’s technology compatible with IEEE standards?
Redstone technology is not based on the 802.11x IEEE physical-layer standards, but it can integrate with and interoperate with other devices that are based on the 802.11x standards.

How is gigabit bandwidth achieved?

Redstone provides bidirectional, unshared bandwidth to users as dedicated wireless ports, each of 250 Mbps. Like virtual wires, multiple ports can be stacked (xN) to achieve any multiple of 250 Mbps connectivity (500 Mbps, 750 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 1.25 Gbps etc.). This is very different than conventional systems such as 802.11 and provides dedicated connectivity that provides 'always-on' speeds. Bandwidth is not shared - this is dedicated connectivity that dramatically increases connection reliability.

What is the power consumption?

Clean energy solutions are critical for future technology expansion. Redstone leverages high signaling efficiencies, which decreases power We plan to use social media and video web channel to keep shareholders updated and transparent as possible.

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