On October 4, Klövern AB published a press release with information about a public offer, through its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary Dagon Sverige AB, to the holders of ordinary and preference shares in A Group of Retail Assets Sweden AB (“Agora “). The current rules of First North Stockholm state that a listed company will be given observation status if the company is subject to a public offer.

With reference to what is stated above, Nasdaq Stockholm AB has decided that the common shares in A Group of Retail Assets Sweden AB (AGORA B, ISIN code SE0007158456, order book ID 110529), and preference shares (AGORA PREF, ISIN code SE0007186283, order book ID 110782), will be given observation status.

For further information about this exchange notice please contact Eva Norling or Karin Ydén, telephone + 46 8 405 60 00.