American Retail Group Inc. (aka Simex Inc.), the public corporation organized in the State of Nevada, USA

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  (OTC: ARGB) SIMEX launches FLOGmall (MLC) token trading. FLOGmall - an international e-commerce  platform for private sellers, its main payment is cryptocurrency.

The platform’s developed token economy will allow users making purchases for a wide list of altcoins and participate in the transactions’ processing between sellers and buyers.

Denis Kuril'chik, the member of the Board Directors, vice-president of SIMEX marketing, said: "We believe the real use cases, such as FLOGmall, are one of the market participants involved in the digital assets’ commercialization environment. You can buy electronics/gadgets without exchanging Bitcoin, Ethereum, and less known cryptocurrencies, and that's cool."

Alexei Hairutdinov, FLOGmall’s CEO stated:

FLOGmall offers cryptocurrency market participants to make purchases for altcoins on the platform as easily as they make everyday purchases via Internet. However, the project’s  global mission is to attract a new category of users that uses cryptocurrency as a full-fledged payment mean with all its advantages.

About SIMEX: American Retail Group Inc. (aka Simex Inc.) is a public US corporation registered in Nevada. The multifunctional digital assets exchange platform that offer services for listing digital assets, cryptocurrency trades, prepaid SIMEX Black Master Card issuance, servicing in the digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and fiat money.

About FLOGmall: it functions as an aggregator and is designed to solve problems on both sides. Buyers get the opportunity to exchange the wide list of cryptocurrencies for goods/services from stores and private sellers, while sellers get a promising products’ market, which is rapidly developing and its share will grow.

The smart contract usage with fixing the transaction’s value in the USDT will not only protect a seller/buyer on different continents, but smooth the possible cryptocurrency’s volatility with long-term deliveries. Notably a seller does not always need a long wait for transaction’s funds, as the platform’s functionality allows to make physical and digital goods and services’ sale.

In 2019, the FLOGmall’s team will allow the platform’s tokenholders not only goods’ purchase/sale possibility on FLOGmall but to become a full-fledged decentralized partners in transaction processing of other platform’s users. Such technological solutions will attract wider audience to the project, and the platform’s decentralization will be completed.

Contact information:


Headquarters: 2770 S Maryland Pkw, Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89109