Thoughtful Paper Selection Can Lead to a More Eco-Friendly Office

CHICAGO, Oct. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While some people don’t give their office copy paper a second thought, a strategic approach to paper selection can help achieve a more eco-friendly workplace. The key is having the correct mix of paper types in the office at all times – and knowing when to use them.

“Using a mix of recycled, non-recycled and reused paper products in your daily printing is a great way to achieve an eco-friendly office,” said Kate McGlynn, product environmental steward for Boise Paper, a division of the Packaging Corporation of America. “To help maintain a sustainable recycling loop, we suggest a mix that includes certified recycled and non-recycled – or fresh fiber – paper products.”

Different print jobs call for different types of paper. Here are some tips on what to stock and when to use it.

  1. Recycled paper should be an integral part of any office. In fact, McGlynn recommends paper with 30% or more recycled content makes up about half of your office’s paper supply. Modern manufacturing methods ensure today’s recycled papers have the same hardworking characteristics as non-recycled, which makes them ideal for multiple types of projects. Try Boise® ASPEN® Multi-Use Recycled Copy paper – which carries a 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee – for day-to-day use like printing emails, drafts, and memos.
  2. The rest of your office paper should be fresh fiber, or non-recycled paper. Because wood fibers used to make paper can only be recycled a certain amount of times, paper made from fresh, never-used wood fibers is needed to keep the recycling loop going. Stock your office with everyday copy paper for internal documents and drafts, and use premium paper – like Boise POLARIS® Multipurpose or Laser paper– for important internal or external documents like client proposals and presentations.
  3. Finally, rather than discarding paper that has an old letterhead or outdated print on one side, reuse it for notes, sketches, or internal worksheets. Keep a box or basket in the office for all types of reusable paper – from colored paper to company letterhead to misprinted documents – and let others grab what they need. Of course, once a sheet of paper is no longer reusable, be sure to discard it in the proper recycling bin.

Maintaining a good paper mix is one easy step toward achieving a more eco-friendly office. Boise Paper proudly manufactures a full line of office papers with Quality You Can Trust™. Learn more about Boise Paper at

Hannah Cheney
L.C. Williams & Associates

About Boise Paper:
Boise Paper is a division of Packaging Corporation of America, headquartered in Lake Forest, IL. They manufacture a full line of office papers including copy, multipurpose, inkjet, laser, and colors, as well as printing and converting papers. They also offer recycled content options across all product lines. Their high quality products provide consistent, reliable results and are proudly made in the USA. Through their Quality You Can Trust™ promise, Boise Paper is committed to meeting the highest standards for product performance, customer collaboration, and supply chain excellence.  Keep current with news and events at