Sarasota, FL, Oct. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ringling College of Art and Design students just won first, second, and third places in the 24 Hours International Animation Challenge. The student teams competed against 219 teams from 49 schools (that's 1095 students) from 9 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK).

The winning students and projects are:

  • First Place - HIBAJI - Haeri Cho, Jerry Jaimes, Beatriz Correia Lima, Ioana Oprescu, and Jingyun Zhou.
  • Second Place - BRING THE GLUE - Zac Miller, Doug Alberts, Noah Selbitschka, Lauren Cash, and Zach Hartman.
  • Third Place - THE ANI-MATES - Livia Lenhoff, Zoë Miolla, Paul Detling, Andrés Guerrero, and Mitchell Blass.

This year the Ringling College brought four teams to the Challenge. Last year, the students came in 2nd place.

Now in its 16th year, the 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students challenges its participants to create a 30-second film based on a given theme in a designated 24-hour period. This year, the films had to depict a strong point of view educating an audience about the need to have empathy and to animate an experience that will help convey to the audience what it is really like to speak their truth. Teams work from their home school and submit a YouTube link of their films before the deadline. They are then are judged by industry artists. 

Ed Cheetham, Department Head for Ringling College Motion Design says, "The faculty in the Department of Motion Design is so proud of our students. The thing that impressed me the most was their sense of confidence that they could handle the challenge. Their courses have prepared them to be able to creatively problem-solve any design or animation issues that could arise. They've practiced the creative process and applied their knowledge of concept ideation, design principles, animation principles for effective storytelling. Applying this process results in high-quality work. All the teams worked so well together and had fun doing it. Students collaborated, shared responsibilities, supported, and inspired one another to do their best.

Congratulations. A huge round of applause should go out to Aubry Mintz 24 HOURS contest creator, Director School of Art, California State University Long Beach, for creating and organizing this amazing event."

According to the 24 Hours Animation Challenge Facebook page, "This contest teaches our students much about working together, meeting deadlines and making creative decisions under pressure. Although it is quite a bit to do in such a short time, every year we always have completed, 30-second colored films AND they all have a lot of fun and return for more each year – so it’s a proven model they really enjoy."

The following criteria were used to judge the submissions:

  • Storytelling - Was the story clear, entertaining?
  • Art Direction/Animation - How was the production value of the film?
  • Creativity/Interpretation of Theme - How creative was the team’s interpretation of the assigned topic?
  • Level of Completion – How much of the film was completed? 

Congratulations to the students and to the entire Motion Design department!

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Stephanie Lederer
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