San Antonio, Oct. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioBridge Global will be showcasing its regenerative medicine capabilities at the AABB Annual Meeting in Boston, including the ability to provide human cells and tissue, testing, biomanufacturing, and clinical trial services to organizations working on the cutting edge of medicine.

A BBG executive and staff members will be taking part in demonstrations, informational sessions and a trade show booth at the AABB Annual Meeting, a convention of the international association for organizations and individuals involved in transfusion medicine and cellular therapy.

BioBridge Global and its subsidiaries will have 10 research projects, both posters and oral presentations, at the event. The total is the most in BBG’s history of attending the conference. Presentations will be led by Dr. Scott Jones, vice president of scientific affairs, and Dr. Samantha Gomez Ngamsuntikul, associate medical director.

Becky Cap, chief operating officer for GenCure, will be presenting at an all-day workshop, “Cellular Therapies in Trauma and Critical Care,” on Oct. 12. Her presentation, “Cell Therapy Manufacturing from the Blood Center Perspective,” will feature GenCure’s process, challenges and solutions in setting up a biomanufacturing facility.

BioBridge Global’s capabilities in regenerative medicine span across all of its subsidiaries: The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, QualTex Laboratories and GenCure.

All three subsidiaries are experienced in clinical trials, and each have high-level capabilities on their own. GenCure and STBTC collect and develop human cells and tissue for use in multiple therapies, and QualTex provides a diverse range of testing.

QualTex Laboratories and GenCure will showcase those capabilities in a joint booth at the trade show, including:

  • Donor screening
  • Immunohematology reference laboratory services
  • Method suitability and sterility
  • Cellular therapy reference laboratory
  • Biomanufacturing

Research done at BioBridge Global will be presented as well. The list of abstracts and oral presentations are as follows:

  1. Increasing Factor VIII and Fibrinogen Yields Of Cryoprecipitate Using Contact Shock Quick Freeze Method
  2. The Effect of Age on Anti-A/B IgM Antibody Prevalence in O Rh(D) Positive Male Donors
  3. The Effect of Race on Anti-A/B IgM Antibody Prevalence in South Texas O Rh(D) Positive Male Donors
  4. Performance of New Assays for HBsAg, HCV and HIV Ag/Ab Combo on the Fully Automated Abbott Alinity s System
  5. Performance of a New Automated Alinity s Assay for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Confirmatory
  6. Sensitivity and Specificity Performance of a New Automated System for the Detection of HCV Antibodies in Blood and Plasma Donors
  7. Performance of a New Automated Alinity s Assay for HIV
  8. Sensitivity and Specificity Performance of a New Automated System for the Detection of HTLV I and HTLV II Antibodies in Blood and Plasma Donors
  9. The Effect of In-Process Quality Control Checks Within the Laboratory on Overall Turn-Around-Time
  10. The Effect of Variable Collection Volume Blood Shakers on Vasovagal Reaction Rates

BioBridge Global employees involved with the studies and the abstracts are Dr. Scott Jones, Dr. Rachel Beddard, Lara Thedford, Dr. Samantha Gomez Ngamsuntikul, Lorena Aranda, Tiffany Wafford, Emmanuel Casasola, Douglas Armstrong, Valery Freeman-Allen, Robert Medina, Elvie Bayani, Chris Gomez, Jaime Washington, Adela Garza, Randal Birkelbach and Jack Campbell.

Members of the team also will be part of demonstrations of equipment and software rollouts by Macopharma and Calimex.

STBTC and Macopharma developed a paperless blood donor process using HM020 Mixers. QualTex Laboratories and Calimex developed a customer portal called AcQuire.

Three AABB assessors attending the event are Irma Villarreal, Lorena Aranda and Lara Thedford. Eight attendees with conference access will be attending scientific sessions throughout the meeting. Including pre-conference workshops , the AABB Annual Meeting runs from Oct. 11-16.


David King
BioBridge Global