NANTUCKET, Mass., Oct. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rising Tide Systems (RTS), the developer of innovative marijuana LED Grow Lights, announces a new partnership with UB Lights, a division of MARTEC International, for global shipping and manufacturing. The partnership couples the entrepreneurs of RTS with the established global shipping and manufacturing giant to design, manufacture and distribute LED grow lights that increase growers’ yields while reducing overhead.

“Our LED products utilize a broad spectrum of light waves to deliver more usable light deeper into the plant canopy than traditional grow lights while using a fraction of the energy. Our flagship product, the RTIV6DT, is specifically designed to save cultivators more than 40 percent on electricity and overall cooling costs”, said PJ Rubin, chief executive officer at RTS. “RTS fixtures illuminate without diminishing output for 50,000 or more hours (5.5+ years). Reducing the frequency of replacing bulbs saves cultivators time and money, ensuring cost-efficient, maintenance-free operation for years.” 

The RTIV6DT light is currently available to consumers; additional models using RTS’s technology will be available in the coming weeks.

“Our short-term goal is to provide much-needed simplicity in the marijuana growing space,” Rubin said. “To date, LED technology and its most efficient uses are shrouded in scientific formulas that are easily manipulated to provide the positive data points and results industry consumers desire. Those formulas and ‘secrets’ are intentionally confusing because scientists and product developers utilize them in an effort to maintain dependence on their companies to actualize ‘best’ yields. Unlike traditional units, RTS lights come ready to install—you can start growing with them right out of the container—and they require little, if any, maintenance to enjoy maximum ROI. Install the product and expect increased yield decreased overhead and headache. It’s that simple.”

RTS’s products, distribution capabilities and business model are also catching the eye of some of the marijuana industry’s most knowledgeable and trusted advocates. Partners of Denver-based Vicente Sederberg LLC (VS), one of the most prominent marijuana law firms in the U.S., have recently invested in RTS. 

“We have been intimately involved in the legal marijuana industry since its inception, so we’ve seen countless products marketed to cannabis businesses,” said VS founding partner Brian Vicente. “We believe Rising Tide is bringing something revolutionary to the industry, and it is going to increase profitability for cultivators.”

Rising Tide Systems was founded on a simple premise: develop the most energy efficient, spectrum specific, cost-effective light for the commercial cultivation of cannabis. RTS’s partnership with UB Lights brings more than 60 years of experience in international global manufacturing and the distribution of lighting systems. RTS has distribution centers in nine major hubs and conducts business throughout North and South America and Canada to meet our client’s immediate needs in a rapidly expanding market.

Jens Werner
ReComm Global