KEMP, Texas, Oct. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Larson Electronics, a Texas-based company with over 40 years of experience spearheading the industrial lighting sector, announced the release of an LED tractor light package complete with eight LED18W-PAR36 LED work lights by Larson Electronics, as well as two LED25WRE-CPR LED work lights and one LLP-JD-TR-4XXX-HL-3X hood light.

The LLP-JD-TR-4050-V1 is an LED Tractor Light Package and retrofit/upgrade kit for John Deere 4050 tractors that includes 11 total work lights. Eight of these lights are the Larson Electronics’ LED18W-PAR36 work lights. Two of these eight lights come with a flood beam configuration for use as low beam lights, two more LED lights have a Euro beam configuration for front fender light use that is more concentrated than a full flood beam - ideal for peripheral illumination. The remaining four lights come with a flood beam configuration for use as flood area lights. Each LED18W-PAR36 light bar emits 1,800 lumens and operates on 10-30V DC, including 12V DC and 24V DC. The PAR36 LED light is equipped with a clear, polycarbonate lens for close range illumination.

Two Larson Electronics LED25WRE-CPR LED lights are included, which are ultra-compact - ideal for situations where electrical power and mounting space is limited. These lights produce 2,750 lumens each with low voltage and amp draw. They have a 12 to 32-volt compatibility and 50,000-hour service life providing operators with a very powerful and versatile LED lighting solution. Each lamp has a single 25-watt Cree® LED light combined with a high output reflector that produces a narrow 10˚ spread spot beam reaching approximately 1,000 feet long. This spot beam is combined with a 60˚ flood beam, together providing both width and distance from a single light source.

These lights offer both unparalleled heat control and IP68 rated construction designed to withstand rapid temperature changes of -40˚ Celsius to +85˚ Celsius. They are also waterproof to three meters and are dust, dirt and humidity resistant. The housings are made of durable extruded aluminum and the lenses are made of strong, unbreakable polycarbonate. These Cree® LED lights are also shock and vibration resistant and rated at 70% lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours of use.

The single LLP-JD-TR-4XXX-HL-3X LED hood light included with this light package is an ideal alternative for lighting systems in tractors, trucks, industrial equipment and agricultural vehicles. This LED hood light is 90 watts, low voltage, features a tri-lamp configuration and is compatible with 12-24V DC. The light emits 4,320 lumens of white light with a 6,000k color temperature rating when in use and in a flood beam configuration. The back of the unit supports robust air flow due to their breathable design.

The LLP-JD-TR-4050-V1 LED tractor light package is easy to install without major modifications to the body of the tractor or the cab and mounts into existing lamp holders on John Deere 4050 tractors.

About Larson Electronics LLC: Larson Electronics LLC is a manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment and accessories. The company offers an extensive catalog of industry-grade lighting and power distribution products for the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, food processing, oil and gas, military, marine and automobile. Customers can benefit from the company’s hands-on, customized approach to lighting solutions. Larson Electronics provides expedited service for quotes, customer support and shipments.

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