New Platform Capabilities Unlock More Data-Driven Insights, Faster
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Concentric, a predictive analytics company, today announced the creation of an end-to-end analytics solution to speed up the analytics process for forecasting and strategic decision-making. Powered by data warehouse connectivity and cloud computing, the Concentric Market® platform now allows analytics teams to accurately forecast the ROI of any go-to-market decision in real time.

In May 2018, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted an international survey of 744 business executives across industries, and 82% of respondents said their organizations are not getting a sufficient return on their investment in analytics. In the same survey, top challenges were revealed to include: analytics not integrated into workflows; decision processes not reaching decision makers; and siloed analytics producing competing results. Concentric Market® solves for these key challenges, allowing users to test their go-to-market strategy in a simulated environment by rapidly running what-if scenarios to find the optimal strategy to reach their sales forecast.

“From day one, our mission has been to power better business decisions by equipping companies with the ability to forecast how a potential strategy will impact their bottom line,” said Dejan Duzevik, Chief Product Officer at Concentric. “Now, our customers can integrate their data into one predictive model to get answers to every go-to-market question in minutes.”

Key platform updates include:

  • Data Warehouse Connectivity - Concentric Source™ has the ability to directly connect to a company’s data warehouse in order to automatically update the model’s data inputs using the most recent data points available with a single click.

  • The Power of Cloud Computing - Concentric Accelerate™ allows users to connect to their cloud computing servers, increasing the speed at which a simulation is able to run—delivering insights in minutes versus months. The platform connects with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • Seamless Data Exports - Concentric integrates with data visualization tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, so users can quickly generate a report and share insights across departments.

Concentric Market® is used by Fortune 500 companies across media & entertainment, automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods, healthcare and financial services and has proven to deliver forecasts with 95% accuracy when compared to in-market results. To learn more, visit

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We believe people and organizations should have access to the intelligence they need to make smarter decisions. Concentric is industrializing data-driven decisions for Fortune 500 companies by combining the most advanced technology and science in one software platform. Concentric Market® uses AI and behavioral science to help business leaders accurately forecast the ROI of any go-to-market decision in real time. To learn more, visit

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