CEO Len Schutzman reaffirms through their Agency of Record Creative Management Partners LLC, Beverly Hills CA.

HAMILTON, BERMUDA and BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Oct. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE --  Announced today via its Agency of Record for Traditional and Non-Traditional Media, Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP), Arbitrade Ltd. today has selected AMD RX Vega 56 Nano graphics processing units (“GPUs”), for mining a wide variety of crypto-currencies. CoinMiner, the world’s preeminent crypto-currency mining advisory firm will install, operate and maintain the AMD GPUs in new mining rigs along with Arbitrade’s existing fleet of 7812 ASIC mining units under its strategic partnership with Arbitrade.


AMD Radeon line of products offer a substantial range of blockchain and general compute capabilities at great value and unbeaten opensource flexibility.

Commenting on the mining hardware purchase, Arbitrade’s CEO Len Schutzman said, “We remain steadfastly committed to continuously growing our mining operations using only the most advanced hardware and software to stay on the forefront of the crypto mining industry. The AMD GPUs will enable us to provide underlying blockchain compute at the same time being relevant for other workloads such as AI, Rendering and other GPU requirements.”

Hayden Gill, CoinMiner’s founder and CEO, and a leading cryptocurrency mining veteran said, “As the lead mining consultant and advisor to the Arbitrade team, I can confirm the mining project continues to ramp up to be the most secure and innovative global mining operation. These AMD GPUs will provide more flexibility in the mineable coins we have access to as well as other compute needs GPU processors can offer. The commitment by the Arbitrade executives to purchasing the necessary hardware and building proper mining infrastructure will ensure Arbitrade’s mining operation is one of the best in the world.”

The AMD GPUs will be located at one of Arbitrade’s new colocation facilities in Atlanta, NY or Canada. Currently, the company’s 7812 mining rigs all support its Dignity (“DIG” on token, as well as Arbitrade’s several other tokens. 

About Arbitrade Ltd.

Arbitrade is an all-in-one global decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and point-of-sale ecosystem. Through its proprietary software and strategic partnerships, Arbitrade plans to be in all segments of the cryptocurrency business, including currency mining, trading (The ARBITRADE Exchange), gift cards, debit cards, money transfer and Point of Sale processing.

About CoinMiner

CoinMiner is a professional mining operation, founded in 2013 by a team of experts specializing in the use of cryptocurrencies. The company’s focus on enabling individuals and businesses to pursue mining and e-commerce-related activities within this space is part of an overall effort to streamline this entire process. Acclaimed by colleagues and media (CNN included) alike, CoinMiner is a global leader for the good of merchants, entrepreneurs and established corporations.


Arbitrade Ltd. further announced their Corporate Policy for Communications by Chairman Schutzman: 

Traditional and Non-Traditional Media, excluding Investor Relations will be under the engagement of Creative Management Partners LLC and it’s CEO Alan Morell.

Questions from “Coin Holders” are under the counsel of Stephen Braverman;

Questions from Security or Cypto Industry Advisory Firms are under the counsel of John MacNeil.

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