The Board of Directors has, in the context of strategy update, defined QPR Software´s net sales growth target. The Group targets to reach in average 15 – 20% annual growth in the next three years. The target is mainly based on growth in international software sales and growth in consulting services in our home market Finland. We see significant growth potential especially in process mining business, where we aim at over 50% annual growth.

Due to required growth investments, the Board of Directors has decided to amend QPR´s dividend policy. The Board does not intend to propose distribution of dividends to the Annual General Meeting. Instead, it proposes to re-invest cash flow from operating activities into growth investments.

Previous dividend policy

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meetings dividends of approximately 30-50% of annual cash flow from operating activities. When preparing the dividend proposals, the Board takes into account the Company´s financial position, profitability and business prospects. 


We innovate, develop and sell software aimed at analyzing, measuring and modeling operations in organizations. Furthermore, we offer customers consulting services in operational development and digital business optimization.

We accelerate product development by increasing our resources in a controlled manner. In software development, we place special focus on excellent user experience.

We focus our product development to meet the challenges organizations face, especially in leading and developing their operations in a digitalizing world. A special focus area for development is process mining, and in this business our target is to achieve over 50% annual growth and gain a significant share in the rapidly growing process mining and analytics market.

In the next few years, we seek growth especially in our international software sales. To reach this target, we will continue increasing our resources and investments in international marketing and sales.

Dividend history

QPR Software Plc has paid dividends as proposed by the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting, as presented in the table below. Dividends have been paid to shareholders entered in QPR Software's shareholder register, which is maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy. Furthermore, the Company has distributed capital repayments to shareholders, EUR 0.02 in 2009 and EUR 0.01 in 2010.

Declaration dateRecord datePayment dateAmount, EUR
12 April, 201816 April, 201823 April, 20180.03
28 March, 201730 March,.20177 April, 20170.03
22 March, 201624 March, 20165 April, 20160.02
12 March, 201516 March, 20158 April, 20150.05
13 March, 201418 March, 20143 April, 20140.04
14 March, 201319 March, 20133 April, 20130.04
22 March, 201227 March, 20123 April, 20120.03
18 March, 201123 March, 20111 April, 20110.03
18 March, 201023 March, 20106 April, 20100.02
12 March, 200917 March, 200926 March, 20090.03
12 March, 200817 March, 200826 March, 20080.03


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