Los Angeles, California, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Real Good Foods announced today that they are partnering with Beyond Type 1, the largest online diabetes organization, to raise money in support of National Diabetes Awareness Month. In addition to educational videos and social media giveaways, the campaign will focus on donating a percentage of November profits to fund advocacy, education, and cure research.

“While on this journey with Real Good Foods, I have learned that what we make can really matter,” said CEO Bryan Freeman. “A few months ago, we received a handwritten note from Thomas, a 9 year old Type 1 diabetic who thanked us for making our pizza. He said that it was the first time he was able to eat pizza with his friends. That was impactful. Thomas’s letter made us slow down and want to learn more about diabetes and get involved. It’s an invisible disease that impacts a lot of people.”

Real Good Foods has become a trusted staple in the diabetes community, allowing those on very low carbohydrate diets to enjoy foods like pizza and enchiladas without spiking their blood sugar. Real Good items feature revolutionary chicken-based pizza crusts and tortillas, reaching as low as 4 grams of carbs per serving with no gluten or added sugar. “We set out to create delicious foods that are not only enjoyable, but actually improve people's lives,” said Freeman.

This campaign coincides with Real Good Foods’ recent Walmart launch, and those who want to support their goal of raising $25,000 for Beyond Type 1 are encouraged to shop at a local Walmart or at www.realgoodfoods.com. To stay up-to-date on giveaways and videos with influencers and brand partners, Instagram and Facebook users can search the hashtag #BeyondRealGood.

About The Real Good Food Company

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing food companies in the U.S., The Real Good Food Company began offering its chicken crust pizzas in 2017 and expanded with chicken tortilla enchiladas, cauliflower crust pizzas and chicken poppers. Their products are created with the vision of offering “Real Food You Feed Good About Eating” ─ delicious, high-protein alternatives to traditional frozen foods.


Customers can use Real Good Foods’ online Store Locator at realgoodfoods.com/store-locator to find products in their local retailers. Products may also be purchased online, at realgoodfoods.com.


Hana DeVore
Real Good Foods