Source: Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S

Investeringsforeningen BankInvest – merger – change of last day of trading

Please notice that the merger below has been postponed, cf. today’s disclosure from Investeringsforeningen BankInvest. 

Thus, last day of trading UCITS shares in the discontinuing sub-fund is 23 November 2018.


Discontinuing sub-fund 

ISIN: DK0060576163
Name: BankInvest EM Virk.obl 2018 KL
Last day of trading: 23 November 2018
Short name: BAIEMVKL
Orderbook ID: 103934



Continuing sub-fund 

ISIN: DK0016112832
Name: BankInvest EM Obligationer A
Short name: BAIEMOBA
Unchanged orderbook ID: 36311



For further information please contact: Asta Jepsen, Surveillance, tel. (+45) 33 93 33 66