Seattle, Wash., Nov. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces 12 winners from across the globe for the 2018 storytelling contest Girls' Voices for Change. The winning entries were selected from a pool of 300 expressive digital stories created by talented young women, (ages 13 – 19), from 20 countries who shared their stories of courage, their ideas for change, and their creative perspective.

For the second consecutive year, the goal of this global media challenge is to empower girls around the world and help raise funds to support their schooling, while addressing gender disparity in education. There are four winners selected in three categories (Changemaker, Courage, Creativity) with three prizes awarded in each.

The viewing public helped to chose six of the winning entries, with more than 7,700 votes. While the other six winners were hand-picked by a panel of esteemed judges that included Laura Ling, Ashley Bell, Victoria Moroles, N’Jeri Eaton and Fernanda Echavarri.

The following is a select list of winners in each category and how the scholarship from Girls’ Voices for Change will help them pursue their dream of earning an education.

  • Changemaker Winner (Judges’ Award Video)
    “Nellie,” age 17, Haiti: “Our Road”
    In her award-winning video, “Our Road,” Nellie shares her unique barrier to education: no roads. She also explores the importance of roads and the resilience of a community coming together to make the roads more accessible.  Furthermore, Nellie highlights the need for roads in regard to maternal health, so expectant mothers can make it safely to the hospital. As a result of Nellie winning the contest, her local school will be awarded $1,000 to implement a community project in addition to alleviating any costs associated with Nellie continuing her education.

  • Courage Winner (Judges’ Award Photography)
    Sarah Sunday, age 19, Kenya: “Hope for Junub”
    With her celebrated photography, “Hope for Junub,” Sarah Sunday explores hope in her photographs of South Sudanese children in Kenya. She writes, "The people - the children of the nation have hope. Despite the fear of knowing their country has always been under threat, they still smile because they know the nation's hope is in them.  Now I can tell this narrative of the nation's beauty with people.” Sarah will be awarded a $300 scholarship that supports her dreams to attend college.

  • Creativity Winner (Judges’ Award Photography)
    Rama, age 16, Jordan:  “Tree of Hope”
    Rama’s winning digital story, “Tree of Hope,” shows the unique beauty of her world through photographs. There are little moments of stillness often overlooked but with her camera, she brings them to life. Rama believes education is a way of life, the nourishment of our culture and soul. Rama will receive a $300 scholarship towards her education.  

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In addition to the winners receiving prizes each of the 300 participants will receive a seed scholarship toward their education. By participating in the program girls gain confidence and receive ongoing support through’s scholarship program. 

About Girls’ Voices: Girls’ Voices is a media training and scholarship program for girls who face obstacles to their education. Through digital media training, Girls’ Voices empowers girls around the world to learn how to tell their own stories through film and lead the charge in the fight for education. Active in 14 countries, Girls’ Voices has 400 scholars.

Currently, more than 130 million girls are not in school, This is the direct result of cultural, social, and economic barriers that stand in the way of girls who want to learn. Supporting adolescent girls’ education in particular can have significant effects in transforming not only one girl’s life, but her community’s as well. The Girls’ Voices program addresses these barriers, and showcases the stories of trailblazing girls who are fighting for their education.

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