Looking for the best Bose Soundbar Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals? Money saving experts at Retail Fuse highlight the top Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bose Soundbar deals for 2018.

Searching for the best Bose Soundbar Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals? Retail Fuse have published their list of the best Bose Soundbar deals for 2018. Find their list below.

Best Bose Soundbar deals:


Note: Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales are time limited. Check the Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday page for their full range of live deals.

The latest addition to Bose Soundbar line is the Bose Soundbar 700. It has Amazon Alexa and an 8-microphone array built-in, enabling users to control and search through music apps with the use of their voice. The Soundbar 700 has an HDMI eARC port plus an optical audio input, HDMI cable, an optical cable and a universal remote control.

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Both total online spending and visitor numbers over the holiday sales season have been on the rise in recent years. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 looks set to continue this trend. Adobe’s extensive data showed a 16.8% increase in online spending on Cyber Monday 2017, with total sales of over $6.5 billion. That impressive total makes it the largest US based online shopping day in history.