Sublime Expands Mobile High Impact Ad Units, Offers Market-Leading Suite of Mobile Solutions to U.S. Clients

Expanded mobile capabilities now reach tailored marketing objectives on mobile and desktop

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sublime, the leading solution for high-impact, non-intrusive digital advertising, recently announced the expansion of its suite of mobile advertising solutions to better meet the needs of both advertisers and publishers. Building on an established base of scalable, non-intrusive advertising solutions, and with the addition of the new mobile ad units, Sublime now offers full-funnel marketing capabilities across both desktop and mobile environments. Recent global research has indicated that buyers find high impact ad units to be even more effective on mobile than desktop.

New mobile formats from Sublime include both sticky and in-article ad units, offering a versatile selection of marketing formats. In-article units, including video and scrolling content, provide a particularly compelling solution to maintain user attention and deliver on branding marketing objectives. Sublime’s high-impact ad units are delivered within the context of premium inventory from major U.S. publishers including Hearst, TimeOut and Telegraph.
Increasingly, high impact units are bought programmatically, and marketers want to leverage them to meet both branding and performance objectives. Sublime’s comprehensive suite of mobile solutions are built to deliver a non-intrusive, user-friendly advertising experience at scale. Furthermore, Sublime’s flexible platform allows advertisers and publishers to tailor their advertising strategy to multiple marketing objectives and to take advantage of the company’s impressive viewability results, with an average viewability rate of 92%.

“With advertising units spread out across hundreds of devices and millions of hours of content, high-impact advertising that cuts through the clutter is critical to meet marketing benchmarks,” remarked Christophe Menard, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Americas, of Sublime. “Our comprehensive suite of mobile solutions ensures that publishers and advertisers are able to reach their varied marketing goals with powerful, non-intrusive ad units across all screens. Our impressive results in the U.S. market point to the effectiveness of our solutions, and we plan to continue to expand our high-quality inventory to match our industry-leading technological capabilities.”

Sublime creates and delivers premium ad experiences that captivate, inspire, and activate digital audiences at scale. By combining market-leading technology with a creative-first approach, Sublime simplifies the delivery of high-impact, non-intrusive digital ad formats that enhance brand equity and drive results. Both advertisers and publishers benefit from Sublime’s respect for the user experience and commitment to the highest level of customer service and support.

Founded in 2012, Sublime is based in Paris with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Düsseldor and Singapore, and delivers direct and programmatic advertising campaigns across the globe.

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Alexandra Levy
WIT Strategy for Sublime