TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nextech Systems, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions for specialty physician practices, today announces its new partnership with Red Spot Interactive (RSI). The partnership will provide Nextech’s network of clients’ end-to-end patient acquisition and retention automation capabilities with built-in reports to measure and optimize clients’ return on marketing investments.

“In today’s hyper competitive environment, specialty practices need to understand how to improve their patient acquisition and retention performance based on their return on investment,” said Jason Tuschman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Red Spot Interactive. “Our integration with Nextech will allow their users to increase profits and scale, while reducing workload based on $150 million in new patient revenue results our clients have realized from using the RSI software.”

By integrating with Red Spot Interactive, Nextech customers will have full transparency into their marketing, lead management and patient scheduling activities. This increased visibility will better enable practices to identify and address opportunities within key areas of their organizations. By using the integrated tools, users will better optimize their marketing and patient acquisition investments, allowing them to further scale their practices through essential patient acquisition and retention automation.

“Healthcare providers are increasingly pressured to operate as business owners, sometimes taking valuable time away from patient encounters to address marketing and business challenges. Our goal, alongside Red Spot Interactive, is to automate these processes to make it as easy as possible for providers to accelerate and excel, while still delivering crucial care to their patients,” Nextech’s President and CEO, Mike Scarbrough said. “As we expand our integration opportunities for providers, we are honored to partner with Red Spot to further enhance Nextech practices by providing them with the tools they need to reach their goals.”                       

About Red Spot Interactive

Red Spot Interactive is the all in one solution for end to end patient acquisition and retention tools driven by practice return on investment. RSI integrates all critical patient acquisition and retention data into one simple to understand set of reporting allowing for profit driven business decisions. Our practices increase scale and decrease workload through marketing automation tools optimized by return on investment in marketing and patient scheduling. To learn more, call today at 1-800-401-7931 or schedule an appointment at www.redspotinteractive.com.

About Nextech

Nextech is the complete healthcare technology solution for specialty providers. Since 1997, Nextech has been focused on delivering intelligent, intuitive, integrated solutions that empower specialty physicians to maximize efficiency, optimize charting accuracy and increase overall practice profitability. Nextech services more than 7,000 physicians and over 50,000 office staff members in the clinical specialties of Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

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