LONDON, Dec. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Norway, Denmark and Sweden regularly top lists of the best places in the world to start a new business, despite their high rates of taxation. But can this model be replicated elsewhere in the world?

While it is clear there is more than one way of doing business, for the latest edition of European CEO magazine, Barclay Ballard investigates how specific cultural and social factors explain why the Scandinavian model of high taxation has proven so successful – and why it might not work as well in other countries.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Elizabeth Matsangou looks into the global wellness market, which was estimated to be worth a whopping $4.2trn in 2017. Although yoga, meditation and detox retreats have entered the mainstream, definitively proving that this once-niche market is no longer a marginal trend, the fast-growing industry must also contend with the pseudo-science that threatens to damage its reputation.

Meanwhile, at a time when global relations are threatened by clashing ideals, disruptive technologies and rampant inequality, Courtney Goldsmith lays out what to expect when the World Economic Forum returns to Davos for its 49th annual meeting in January.

Other topics examined in the winter issue of European CEO include features on how poor corporate cultures create so-called ‘queen bees’, the characteristics of great leaders and the burgeoning market that has opened up for high-end products containing CBD, a naturally occurring compound of the cannabis plant. Elsewhere, features look into the trend of fashion brands using virtual supermodels to market their products and what the entrepreneurial stereotype gets wrong about successful business founders.

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