Overland Park, Kanas, Dec. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every car owner deserves the best auto protection company that is committed to top-notch services, hassle-free claims and affordable auto protection prices. If you have an expired auto warranty and are looking for the right company to help, you need to research and find a reputable firm that will be there for you when you need repairs or need to make claims. While affordable auto warranty is what you need you certainly don't want to sacrifice the quality of the warranty.

What Is An Auto Warranty?

Manufacturers provide auto warranties, which provide coverage a replacement for manufacturer's defects in or errors in the workmanship. This warranty is expected to be active over the length of the warranty, but this period varies from one manufacturer to the next. On the other hand, an extended auto warranty refers to a vehicle service contract to supplement the new car warranty and which is usually extended beyond the factory warranty period.

While both warranty plans cover the cost of repairs, the manufacturer provides an auto warranty whereas an independent service provider offers an extended service contract.

What Is An Extended Auto Service Contract?

An extended auto service contract refers to a contract between a car owner and a third party provider for all types of repairs. This coverage handles any repairs of the covered systems or parts. This kind of contract can be purchased at any time but the preferred time to buy it is right before the expiry of your factory auto warranty or extended car warranty. Red Auto Protection provides coverage on both new and used vehicles (those ranging back 20 years and whose mileage is 150,000). Regardless of where you are, a vehicle service contract will protect you from unknown repair costs whenever you have a mechanical breakdown.

Why Do I Need An Extended Auto Service Contract?

In these challenging economic times, almost everything requires protection, and your car is not an exception. Purchasing an extended auto service contract helps you minimize out-of-pocket repair costs. Research a reliable Red auto protection company and request a free quote today and figure out the amount of savings can make!

Here are some of the commonly asked questions when buying an extended auto service contract:

Why Do You Require a Service Contract?

The cost of repairs continues to increase over the years, but the fortunate news is that you are protected even after your factory warranty expires.

Can You Get Coverage After Your Auto Warranty Expires?

Yes! You qualify for this option upon expiry of your manufacturer's or factory auto warranty! However, it is worth noting that the longer one waits the more expensive the service will be. It is recommended that a car owner extend his or her coverage on the car warranty.

Why Should I Purchase A Service Contract From Auto Protection?

Dealing with a service provider that has established a working relationship with multiple "A" rated service providers is the best since you can get affordable plans that match or beat the original factory auto warranty. In fact, you get a comprehensive warranty with the longest terms and most comprehensive terms. Look for the best quotes from a trusted company, and avoid being scammed the same way many unsuspecting car owners lose money on bogus plans.
Ultimately, top notch extended service plans will keep you protected long after the expiry of your manufacturer warranty. Ideally, this saves you money (unlike dealer auto warranties).