A total number of 135 000 stock options were exercised at strike price NOK 3.20 per share in accordance with the Company's outstanding employee stock option program of 2014. 

The Company's board of directors has resolved a capital increase of NOK 13 500 in order to issue 135 000 new shares, at the exercise price of NOK 3.20.

The capital increase is expected to be registered within 7 days, and following the issuance of the new shares, the issued share capital of Scanship Holding ASA will be NOK 9 564 052.5 consisting of 95 640 525 shares, each with a par value of NOK 0.10. 

None of the persons that exercised stock options are primary insiders.

For further queries, please contact:
Henrik Badin - CEO 
Scanship Holding ASA 
Tel: +47 90 78 98 25 
Email: henrik.badin@scanship.no

Scanship delivers world leading solutions for cleaner oceans in the Cruise and Aquaculture industries. Scanship provides advanced technologies for processing waste and purifying wastewater. Owners operating Scanship systems have the solution to convert all waste and wastewater into clean energy and purified water which meets the highest international discharge standards. Any residuals from the Scanship processes can be recovered for reuse.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.