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KeyMe Utilizes Unacast Data to Revolutionize Process of Effective Site Selection

New Decisioning Layer of Location Data Leads to Radically Improved Results in Site Selection and Revenue

New York, New York, Dec. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KeyMe, the leading security technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the antiquated locksmith industry, has partnered with Unacast, the leader in transparent location data, to radically transform its kiosk site planning process, increasing both efficiency and ROI.

KeyMe will now use Unacast’s transparent location data to measure foot traffic around retail locations in order to select which sites will be ideal for new KeyMe key copying kiosks. Using advanced robotics and machine learning, KeyMe can scan a customer’s key, save it to the cloud and print off a new key at any kiosk using just a fingerprint. Because the company already utilizes advanced technology within every kiosk and on its mobile app, it only made sense to seek out the best technology to inform new site planning for its kiosks as well.

“Unacast data is instrumental in how we now select new retailers to partner with,” said Adam McCann, KeyMe Director of Analytics. “We have already seen significant revenue improvements with new kiosks using Unacast data.”

KeyMe uses a variety of data sources in their kiosk site selection model to predict the locations most likely to generate optimal revenue. But in addition to information like demographic and US Census data, they also wanted to utilize real-time foot traffic data that could uncover shorter-term trends in human movement. That’s where contextualized location data from Unacast came into play. Once Unacast foot traffic data was added to the model, the model’s performance increased significantly, ultimately leading to higher accuracy in site selection and 52% higher revenue for each KeyMe kiosk placed based on the new model.

"The smartest way for businesses to make decisions about site planning in the physical world is with tangible data from that world,” said Nikhil Gupta, VP of Product at Unacast, “We believe in empowering clients to make those decisions by providing them with the data they need to build a foundation for their own insights and processes. Partnering with KeyMe has allowed us to add clear value as a decisioning layer, and seeing the quantifiable success of their new kiosks proves out the value of our partnership."

About KeyMe

Founded in 2012, KeyMe is a New York-based company that provides an exciting way to copy keys and solve frustrating lockouts. Using kiosks found in local retailers, and a mobile app, KeyMe provides a secure and convenient way to copy, share and personalize keys for a fraction of the price locksmiths or car dealerships charge. KeyMe has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and other media outlets.

About Unacast

Unacast is the only contextualized location data platform that offers full transparency into its products and insights. As a trailblazer in the transparency, quality and ethics of the location data industry, Unacast provides companies and individuals with the most accurate understanding of human activity in the physical world through the Real World Graph®. 

Unacast, founded in Oslo, Norway by Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette and now headquartered in NYC, has garnered multiple awards for its platform, campaigns and for its company culture, including Best Company at the Nordic Startup Awards. Inc. Magazine has called Unacast “The Startup That Just Might Threaten Google.”

Rachel Peterson