HOUSTON, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DefensiveDriving.com, the largest provider of defensive driving and ticket dismissal in Texas, announced today the launch of a new capability that will offer instant downloads for Certificate of Completions. The move follows the passing of a new law from the state of Texas, effective as of November 1, 2018, allowing drivers to complete their defensive driving courses and instantly download their Certificate of Completion.

The new law impacts hundreds of thousands of drivers who receive speeding tickets or take defensive driving courses to lower their insurance premium. According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), over 500,000 defensive driving courses were taken in Texas in the past year, with every student required by law to receive a physical certificate.

Until now, drivers taking courses were forced to wait for a physical copy of their Certificate of Completion from USPS, or pay extra for FedEx shipping. The recently passed law allows providers to offer an instant download option for a Certificate of Completion, a shift from an outdated process towards increased efficiency and simplification.  

For drivers interested in lowering the cost of their car insurance premiums, DefensiveDriving.com’s $25 defensive driving course can lead to substantial savings, with benefits including a 10% discount offered by many insurance companies when drivers provide a Certificate of Completion for a defensive driving course.

DefensiveDriving.com’s course guarantees the dismissal of driver’s tickets, or the company will pay the ticket up to $250. Other course capabilities include:

  • Completion of a defensive driving course in as a few as six hours
  • The ability to start and stop courses at anytime
  • 100% online, mobile and tablet-friendly
  • The new ability for instant Certificate of Completion download

About DefensiveDriving.com
DefensiveDriving.com® was founded by David Bruce in 2000 in a bid to keep a traffic ticket off his record following a minor fender-bender.

DefensiveDriving.com is the #1 rated online course in Texas, a distinction that has set the standard for the company’s additional product offerings. The course has won numerous awards during that time, while also dismissing over 2.5 million tickets.

Today DefensiveDriving.com offers both a text and video course that is approved in all Texas courts for ticket dismissal. With a 24-hour in-house customer support staff at the corporate headquarters in Houston, DefensiveDriving.com is the industry-leader in defensive driving courses.

Ryan Greene
Marketing Manager