Boca Raton, Florida, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- National Legal Staff Support is an industry leader in the area of legal process outsourcing (LPO). They are a valuable resource for defence firms and consumer protection law. They set the industry standard in pre-litigation services such as paralegals and legal support. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, National Legal Staffing Support has an impressive network of practising attorneys at their fingertips who are more than capable of lessening a firm's legal workload. This form of legal outsourcing is ideal for busy firms needing some assistance in the office support, client calls, case management, research, pleadings, and filings areas. NLSS can help lessen your workload so you can focus on building your team, rather than burying them in paperwork and legal legwork. This service cuts your overhead while freeing up much of your firm's time and energy.

Increasing Demand

Lawyers are more in demand these days than ever before, and as a result, the case workloads can be overwhelming. The increasing demand for legal services has given rise to the necessity of legal-process outsourcing. Companies like NLSS have made a name for themselves by saving practices from drowning in paperwork while protecting their overhead and allowing them to successfully ride out the wave of high demand.

NLSS Services

NLSS provides a number of useful services: paralegal, integrated team, research services, documents management, changing developments, pre-filing requirements.

Paralegal Services

Paralegal services cover a wide range of areas from pre-litigation, interrogatories, pleadings, briefs, due diligence, pretrial preparation, and basic client correspondence. With NLSS providing paralegal services, this frees up large amounts of time for securing new clients and arguing the big cases.

Integrated Team

Integrated team services include electronic file management, web-based communication, document tagging, and CRM. The amount of paperwork that accompanies most lawsuits can bury a lawyer and their team. Enlisting the help of the NLSS team means documents will be filled out correctly, stored securely,  and filed on time.

Valuable Research Services

When it comes to the law, research is key. Finding precedence and records can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The NLSS team can efficiently collect pertinent business information, backgrounds, creditors, validations, Lexis-Nexis, and case-law monitoring.

Document Management

Documents Management involves investigation and pretrial case prep, as well as indexing documents and managing important records.

Changing Developments

Laws and regulations are always changing and vary from state to state. The NLSS team members specializing in changing developments keep abreast of new or emerging laws, any industry changes or regulatory affairs, and federal-law violations.

Pre-Filing Analysis

Much of the legwork is done behind the scene before a case even goes to trial. The NLSS team can assist in handling summary memorandums, pertinent case-law research, trial pleadings, and litigation file preparation.

With the demand for legal services at an all-time high, consumer protection law and defence firms are needing to outsource some of the workload. Companies like National Legal Staff Support have made a business out of coming to the aid of firms needing some assistance handling their caseloads. As much of the work regarding legal claims and cases happens in the early days, there are numerous details that need to be attended to. Documents need to be prepared, filled out correctly, and filed on time. When details like deadlines and paperwork start to fall through the cracks in a firm that is overextended, the quality of service provided to their clients starts to slip. NLSS provides a valuable alternative as they assist in a number of ways from paralegal services to integrated team and research, to changing developments and document management. Let NLSS lessen your caseload so you can focus on what really matters: providing each and every client with the highest possible standard of legal care.