NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apereum Inc., a world-class full-service business development and execution consultant firm, has announced its partnership with Coincierge, an end-to-end token sale management platform to support blockchain companies to raise funds from known investors.

Apereum is a service-based support company, which helps start-ups to address business and whatever weaknesses they may have, seek substantial investment, and provides services to optimize any project. Their services include Business Analysis, Financial and Accounting, Marketing, Legal and Compliance Technology. Apereum Inc. is dedicated to getting start-up businesses to the finish line. The company aims to create maximum transparency within the industry and garner exposure for all qualified projects. The incubator program is a unique process that is exclusively offered by Apereum which addresses development, and Strategic Partnerships.

Coincierge has built a token sale management platform, which offers an innovative step forward on how blockchain companies raise funds by combining high-level security measures with complete ease of use process where investors can contribute safely.  Coincierge is the first enterprise-level platform with the most advanced features to support most blockchains.  Its platform transforms and supports the management of a token generation event (TGE) due to its bespoke technology. 

“Apereum is pleased to be partnering with Coincierge to offer our clients a full array of benefits," said Patrick Devereaux, CEO of Apereum.  “This will allow Apereum to expand its reach into the European markets while helping to expand Coincierge in the states.  The partnership is very complementary. With Coincierge’s unique product platform, we will be able to service more token sales.”

“Apereum offers a unique way for start-ups to better their business offering and assist in the vetting of companies that are not yet ready for investments.  That, coupled with our platform and ability to accept over 120 different cryptocurrencies and to provide a platform that creates a secure way of raising funds, is an excellent way for start-ups to attract investors,” said Mark Kirby, CEO of Coincierge.  

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